Since the end of freshman year, I’ve been working with JHU_Quan in a small company called Hopkins Creative Design, or HCD. HCD is a student-run design firm, and we do everything from branding and fliers for student organizations on campus to creating and selling our own merchandise. Last semester, we worked with a sweater company to sell knit Christmas Hopkins sweaters across campus. This semester, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the logos of different clubs and advertising for their sales or large events.


a wallpaper we made for an incoming class at Hopkins

HCD lives under a parent company known as Hopkins Student Enterprises, or HSE. The company, entirely student run, funds different ventures that students want to start and gives them the resources they need to hit the ground running and become profitable. I joined HCD because I love design. It’s been something I did as a hobby all throughout high school, and decided that I wanted to develop my skills even more in college and turn it into something I could actually do as a job on campus.

But, almost accidentally, I’ve been exposed to way more of the business side than I ever would have imagined wanting to know. I’ve dealt with invoices, looked at sales revenue data and budgets, worked with the school on policy and branding issues, and sat in on business meetings. Business hasn’t really been something I’ve ever cared about, but my time on HCD so far has taught me an incredible amount about finance and everything surrounding it. And I think really sums up a lot of my experiences at Hopkins. Join to do what you loved, leave loving a lot more.