During a momentary lapse of judgment, I chose not to sign up for Intersession.

Registration for Intersession, Hopkins’ version of a J-term or winter term, was in the middle of a relatively stressful period of time and with the stress of finals looming, I convinced myself that I would use all six weeks to relax, catch up on sleep, and just recharge.

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Everyone say, “winter break.”

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve had a great break.

I spent time with family at Christmas, worked at my summer camp’s winter program (in the kitchen and surprisingly without injury), went to Disney World with my better half (my mom), and caught up with a lot of people I haven’t seen in a very long time.

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I don’t want to say I’m an artist, but the proof is clearly in the pancakes.

But I miss Hopkins.

I miss my roommate, my suitemates, friends, and adopted family. I miss my bed in my dorm room, which is mysteriously more comfortable than my bed at home, and lattes from the Brody Café. I miss Baltimore and everything the city has to offer.

Yes, a small part of me even misses learning and having classes.

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Disney does a pretty good job decking its halls

Being home for this extended period of time has truly made me see that I made the right choice in choosing Hopkins. In just one semester, I was able succeed academically, become part of a community of learners and thinkers, and make the Homewood campus my home.

Near the end of the semester and finals week, every inch of me was excited to come home to boring old Westford, Massachusetts. Now, the countdown to winter break on my phone has been replaced by a countdown to when I return to beautiful Baltimore.

Perhaps the grass is always greener on the other side. But from where I sit right now (my couch at home with the Golden Globes on TV in front of me), Hopkins is looking like the Emerald City.

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emojis make everything slightly better.