Living in Homewood this semester has been awesome, living close to my friends, having my own space to decorate, all of it has been great. An added opportunity (challenge?) has been having my own kitchen. Having come into the year with minimal cooking experience, (grilled cheese counts right) I was a bit apprehensive to be cooking for myself. After many a prep course with my mom, and a few burnt attempts at chicken I felt confident coming into the semester as a chef ready for the challenges of college cooking.
Lo and behold, cooking without your mom watching every step of the process is fundamentally less stressful, and also a recipe for disaster. It turns out having some experience to help in the kitchen is a pretty valuable thing. So today is your lucky day dedicated Hopkins interactive readers, I’ll give you the rundown of three of my favorite meals that I’ve made since I’ve started cooking.

1. Fettucine Alfredo:
My go to dish for dates, fettuccine alfredo seems complicated enough to make you look like you know what you’re doing, while actually being pretty hard to mess up. It’s also really good! Make

sure to use cheese liberally, and drown it in heavy cream if you’re looking for an especially delicious, and fattening meal

2. Chicken Marsala:

One of my all-time favorite meals, chicken marsala is a bit unwieldy at first try. There are a ton of moving parts, making sure the mushrooms are ready, keeping the chicken from overcooking. When done right however, chicken marsala turns out to be a great meal.

3. Peanut Butter Cookies:
Some have said* that dinner is only as good as it is short, as it’s the gateway to dessert. On that note, what would this list of recipes be without a sweet way to end the night? I actually tried this recipe for the first time the other day with my friends Hayley and Julia and it turned out amazingly. The cookies are certainly rich, and putting chocolate chips in the middle didn’t help. Nevertheless, they were the perfect way to end the night.

My cookies almost looked like this.

My cookies almost looked like this.

I hope my brief guide to some of my favorite home cooked college meals has been helpful, I’ll be sure to continue experimenting with new cuisine!