My, as well as most of the Homewood Campus’, favorite time of the year is finally here. ~SPRING~. At Hopkins, Spring brings many things, including extra happiness, tans and tan lines, and all of the biggest events of the year. I am so excited for all that Spring has to offer this year and cannot wait to wind down the year by taking part in Hopkins traditions, fun times with friends, and sunny, seventy degree days. With the end of the year approaching, Spring is the time to get a taste of Summer while still with your Hopkins friends and while being in a city as exciting as Baltimore.


Homecoming is one of the biggest weekends of the year. The weekend is filled with alumni coming back to visit for the Alumni Weekend, students flooding into Homewood Field to support our lacrosse team in the big game, and so much school spirit. It is a great weekend to take a break from school work, take in a great game, and to feel the wider network of Hopkins in a very fun, exciting way. For me, Homecoming is the time to hang out with Alumni of my Fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, and to hear stories about the old times at Hopkins as well creating new memories!


      My fraternity really takes school spirit seriously.


Spring Fair is exactly what it says and so much more ( it is literally just a fair in spring). Spring Fair weekend is a time where Hopkins students have the time to buy crafts from local vendors, eat food not served at the FFC or Levering, and to get out of the library for a while. The highlight of Spring Fair is the concert (Although some may argue it is the Beer Garden), which this year will be headlined by THE CHAINSMOKERS! The concert is always a great time for the Administration, as well as programming groups on campus, to give back to the student body.


That moment when I got to meet Nelly at last year’s Spring Fair Concert!


Hopkins, or HOP State as some people like to call it in the Spring, comes alive in the Spring, which means it is time to go to the beach. (For any non-Hopkins students, the Beach is a grass circle at the front of campus). Students love to play frisbee, kanjam, and spikeball outside, as well as play music, take naps, and of course, study on the beach. The beach is a great place to meet up with friends after a day of class and to relax after being in the library for a while. Recently, we have had DJ’s on the beach, and The HOP even puts on an event called “Picnic on the Beach” to truly make the beach the place to be in the Spring.


Beach times are the best.


Spring at the Homewood Campus is truly a must-see, and a perfect time to visit the campus, meet students, and see what exactly Hopkins has to offer as a prospective student. Be sure to check out information about SOHOP (Spring Open House and Overnight Program) on our Admitted Students Blog here: