Each Hopkins building has its own feel, a personality, if you will. Here’s some of the major ones:



Gilman Hall


Your typical hipster child: fantastic shoes and specialty coffee included. Gilman loves poetry improv sessions and literary discussions over a chai latte. If humanities is your thing, Gilman will be your best friend        


15998Mudd Hall


Two words: pre-med. Mudd knows exactly what she wants to do with her life and how to get there. Her resume includes cutting-edge research, tutoring little kids and over 18 credits a semester.





Bloomberg Hall


An engineer all around, Bloomberg vastly prefers numbers and formulas over words and paragraphs. He has a theoretical mindset, in which most of his explanations come from theorems. If you can’t prove it to him, don’t even try.





The Mattin Center


This is your artsy friend. Mattin loves performing arts- theater, dance, acapella, circus acts, you name it. Come check her out literally every weekend for any type of show.





Remsen Hall


Coming to Hopkins for its research opportunities, Remsen is seeking a PhD to continue in the field of innovation. If you can’t find him, you can bet he’s locked up in a lab somewhere searching for ALS treatment or something just as exciting.





Mason Hall


Mason is the one that welcomes you to Hopkins, gives you a tour of the place and answers all your lingering questions and doubts. He writes awesome blogs, is at all the open houses and is perpetually wearing Hopkins swag. Hit him up, cause he would love to meet you!