Although this week marks the beginning of Finals and it’s easy to forget that we are already in the holiday season, there are many ways to enjoy the holidays with Hopkins and in Baltimore!

One of my favorite Hopkins traditions is Lighting of the Quads. Every December, President Daniels leads the countdown to turning on all the lights on campus. There are free donuts, cookies, hot cider and cocoa, and free giveaways for each class. This year sophomores got Class of 2017 gloves!

Lighting of the Quads with friends!

Lighting of the Quads with friends!

Our a cappella groups perform as does the pep band. The All-Nighters, the all-male Hopkins a cappella group sang, “Let it Go” from Frozen and it was a huge hit. In addition, there is a massive fireworks show over Gilman and the library when the lights go on. The quad was filled with people taking a much needed study break.


Another must see event is “Miracle on 34th Street”. Hampden is a small neighborhood adjacent to campus filled with amazing restaurants like the Grano pasta bar and the Charmery. Every December, 34th Street in Hampden goes all out with lights and decorations.


The other night, my friends and I went downtown for dinner to RA Sushi, one of my favorite restaurants in Baltimore. After scarfing down our dinner in less than an hour, we decided to walk around the Inner Harbor and go to Little Italy. Little Italy was decorated in so many Christmas lights! We ended up going to an Italian Bakery called Vaccaro’s. We had cappuccinos, tiramisu, hazelnut cake, gelato, and even cannoli. It was extremely indulgent-a great start to the holiday season.


Even though this week I will spend 90% of my time in the library, Hopkins gives out free donuts, coffee, massages, and cookies throughout finals. It definitely feels like the holiday season!