During SOHOP, as JHU_JackieR zipped around with me and JHU_Emily teetering dangerously on the backseat, I decided to spend my last moments alive recording time lapse videos of the beautiful campus! Luckily, this was prime shooting time, with the trees beginning to bloom, the grass turning vivid green, and the sun making one of its debuts of the year.

I filmed them vertically because during this way-too-fast golf cart ride, aspect ratios were the least of my worries.


Shriver to Gilman


From Gilman to AMR I


AMR I to Mason


Mason back to Gilman


And then, at the Homecoming game a few days later, I seemed to grasp the whole turn-your-phone-90-degrees-thing, and managed to film a play of the lacrosse game properly!

This clip shows Michigan scoring, but we won 16-9! WOO!