Johns Hopkins University is much more than just beautiful. It’s an institution distinguished for the tools and opportunities it provides and for the community of scholars it fosters. The beauty of Gilman Hall aside, there’s many perks about studying at Hopkins.


My favorite Hopkins perk is Gender Inclusive Housing (or GIH). It gives students the opportunity to live with students of the opposite sex, if they consider that the most appropriate arrangement. The fact that Hopkins is allowing us to choose whom to live with, without upholding any type of traditional gender values and giving LGBT students the opportunity to be comfortable in their own home is spectacular to me. Finding new ways for inclusion in all aspects of student life should, and I think is, a Hopkins priority.


Two of my roommates for next year!

Another Hopkins perk that I love is the lack of a core curriculum. It allows you to explore classes that interest you, whether they’re a part of your major or not. That’s why you can see an engineer taking Introduction to Fiction and Poetry or a MolCell major (like me) taking cognitive science classes. It promotes one of Hopkins’ pillars, which is the promotion of academic exploration.

Finally, a Hopkins perk that I love is the students themselves. There’s a spirit of curiosity that distinguishes Blue Jays from students in any other college. It’s this innate drive for the inspection of the unknown, for answering questions that others have deemed impossible, for discovering the incredible. We all have questions, and Hopkins does a remarkable job in giving us the tools to answer them. We are much more than just a research university, we’re a community that is never satisfied with the unknown.