The Unofficial Guide to Relieving Stress at Hopkins, as told by the Class of 2019

It is no secret that Hopkins is an academically rigorous university. As a top 10 institution, life can get a bit stressful, especially during midterm season. In addition to the weekly back massages, puppies, and hot chocolate the Stressbusters offer students, here are some ways  in which the JHU Class of 2019 relieve stress:


“I relieve stress by heading outside for a hike, bike, etc. to get off campus and get my mind off of school work. I’m also a leader in JHOC so I lead outdoors trips on the weekends to get others outside, too.”

– Karina W.
Public Health, Global Environmental Change & Sustainability minor


“I volunteer at the SPCA once a week, either walking dogs or playing with cats. Being around animals really helps reduce stress!”

– Maria P.
Behavioral Biology and Psychology


“Super Smash Bros”

-Rafael H.
Environmental Engineering


“Exercise! I go to yoga and zumba classes at the rec center. You get in shape, release stress and feel good about yourself and your grey matter improves.”

– Constanza M.
International Studies, GECS minor


“Playing piano, drawing, Youtube/Netflix”

-Audrey C.
Cognitive Science and Behavioral Biology, Music minor



“I surround myself with supportive people and instead of talking about negative things, we talk about POSITIVE THINGS, LAUGH, and EAT GOOD FOOD :D”

– Joice I.
East Asian Studies


“Chat/laugh with my closest friends, watch Grey’s Anatomy/Modern Family while doing homework and listen to LOUD music on headphones. This happens rarely but also a short 10 minute nap on the beach. Mostly, staying away from MSE/Brody keeps me sane.”

-Ananya G.
Biomedical Engineering


“Video games, naps, calm music”

-Drake P.
Economics and Philosophy


“Painting/drawing, singing, watching an episode of a TV show, online window shopping, hanging out with my boyfriend and friends and doing homework together.”

-Sabrina M-A.
Neuroscience and Visual Arts minor


“Exercise (especially tai qi); cooking & eating; piano; bird-watching; meandering along the campus and Stony Brook Run.”

-Jason L.
Environmental Engineering & Applied Math


“Tea, sleeping in, long talks with friends, drawing, occasionally zoning out in a hot shower for an hour, and just leaving campus to be away form the environment.”

-Sandhya R.
Biomedical Engineering


“Going to the gym.”

-Luke B.
Molecular and Cellular Biology


“I have days where I just focus on myself, it’s not bad to lay in bed and watch some episode of my favorite show or take a much needed nap. It’s hard to focus on your own wants in the crazy workload, but it’s important to do so.”
-Jocelyn K.
Cognitive Science and Psychology