Despite the fact that I’m still waiting for one more final grade in one of my classes, this past semester is essentially all wrapped up. It seems like every semester that goes by is shorter and shorter, and this fall semester was no exception. Academically, this will probably be my best semester with the exception of freshman fall. Personally, I did a lot of growing and spent good chunks of time reflecting and thinking ahead to the future. I would call that a success. But I didn’t do it all myself! I got some help along the way:

  1. Eddie’s Market and the friendly staff. Thank you to the man who always makes my breakfast sandwiches and the woman at checkout who always gets super happy when I bring my own reusable bag in. Also, just thank you to whoever decided you get a free coffee with a purchase of an Eddie’s breakfast sandwich. One of the best deals in Charles Village. Even when Towson Hot Bagels opens up, I will always stay faithful.
  2. My applied math wifey, Simi, for the cumulative time we’ve spent working on applied math assignments these past 2.5 years and especially this past semester. Thank you for calling me when I don’t understand a concept, digging through lines of code with me to find errors (usually something dumb), and not getting mad when I laugh at your funny looking plots. Although your time in AMS has come to an end, I will be asking you tons of questions about stat next semester!!

My friend Simi and I at Spring Fair.

  1. My fellow music appreciators, Aaron and Danny. I am thankful for our lil cosmic latte, and for Solange, and 22, A Million, and Topaz Jones, and Blonde. Thank you for always wanting to listen to Nightride and throwing on “Player” anytime you have the aux. You both will always be fantastic additions to any Facebook livestream I ever have, even when we’re not en route to Shake Shack. We will loyally await the next seasons of Insecure and Westworld together.
  2. Low acid coffee from Carma’s, with room. Thank you, best $2 I ever spend in the mornings, for the 1) warmth and 2) caffeine. You are the best companion to walk into Brody or to class with. And although my mom got me French press for Christmas so that I will stop spending my money on coffee, I will always remember you, and on some mornings, I will splurge on you.
  3. Any meal I’ve shared with someone this semesterThank you Woo, for bringing me boba that one time and wanting to get late night milkshakes with me from Papermoon even though they changed their hours. Thank you Frank, for encouraging me to always make mac and cheese even when its 1 in the morning. Thank you Aaron and Josh for dropping bills with me post-date party to feast on short ribs and pork belly at Jong Kak. Thank you Andrew, for always being down to cook dinner, even in the midst of finals. Thank you Adrian, for the countless dinners and endless hummus.How I Survived Fall 2016 1
  4. My housemates: Wade, Simon, Aaron, Tom, and Frank, for letting me decompress in your rooms after a long day. For always being down to chill on any given weeknight, even when you have something to do early the next morning. For letting me steal your ibuprofen, cereal, and articles of clothing. And for being truly for the boys, and joining me again on the quest for a new homestead next year (RIP).
  5. BaltimoreFor The Bun Shop and Artifact Coffee, when I don’t feel like studying on campus. For Dooby’s and TenTen, for the best comfort food a boy can get for dinner on a weeknight. For Old Bank and Beatnik and Floyd’s, for fresh cuts and the courage to get me down to a 0-guard fade. For the half marathon itself, the accompanying training, and the race day cheers from the locals. And for Taharka Brothers ice cream, for any and every occasion.