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Hello World!

Sometimes, it just so happens that your Chemistry Postlab, Bioethics Paper, and Biology Midterm #3  all fall within the same week. And, you somehow still manage to survive.

….To be honest, that’s when you know you’re lucky….Ha

Here’s how I have learned to cope with “Hell” weeks at Hopkins.

  1. Make an outline of your week.
    • I have a little week schedule pamphlet I bought from Staples. Usually, I will write down when I have a specific midterm and/or when my paper is due that week. It really puts the time I have in perspective.
  2. Prep strategically.
    • I just plan when I am going to study for something. Certain exams require that I study for a week. Some require I study the night before. It just all depends.
  3. Use colors.
    • I love using colors when writing my notes. It makes it 10x more fun and enjoyable.
  4. Take breaks.
    • I like to study in 30 minute increments. I find that I focus and retain information more. So, I would study in 30 minute increments then take 10 minute breaks. Keeps me sane.
  5. Reward Yourself
    • You can do this in many forms. Sometimes, I will reward myself with some online shopping. Sometimes, I will reward myself with a movie, snack, and sleep. (It depends on how hard the week was and how long I was studying for). This part really makes the entire hell week worth it.

Sending good vibes,