A lot of prospective students consider housing as a crucial factor in their final decision. Housing is not only important because it is the place where you’ll be living for the academic year, but also because you might get the opportunity to live with a roommate and foster an awesome relationship!

I currently live in Wolman Hall which comprises of suites. Each suite may have 2-3 rooms in it along with a bathroom and a kitchenette. My room is a double i.e. I share it with my roommate – Owen.

I can hardly believe its been 2 months since I moved into my freshman dorm and began my academic career at Hopkins. I think that getting along with your roommate is crucial because roommate drama can mess up your social life and general happiness. You don’t need to be friends with your roommate(if you become friends, thats awesome), but you should definitely establish mutual respect. Give respect to get respect!

  1. Discussing bathroom habits is also a must: Designate shelves in the shared bathroom space to each person, or invest in a shower caddy. In Wolman Hall, we also need to clean our own bathrooms. So, establish a schedule with your roommate and your suitemates for bathroom cleaning or regularly hire a cleaner (Blue Jay Cleaners) and split the bill (about $20).
  2.  Addressing problems early on and head on: Don’t let issues and resentments linger and fester. Your roommate might not have any idea about it. Be open and bring it up if its bugging you. If you’re uncomfortable confronting a roommate, talk to your RA(Residential Advisor).
  3. Help your roommate if he/she gets locked out:  You only get three strikes in Wolman before you have to pay a fine. Please be considerate of roommates and help them out if they get locked out so that they don’t have to call the RA.
  4. Be open to new things: Your roommate might be from a different country, may be of a different faith, may have a different sexual orientation than yours, and may have a lifestyle completely different form your own. Don’t be discriminatory! Respect your roommate and their lifestyle. Treat them like you’d like to be treated.

Until next time!