Somehow, April is going to be over in 45 minutes. This semester has certainly gone by quickly.

Like many of my peers, I eagerly await the coming Summer break (15 days away—I’m counting!). No, I’m not discontent with my classes or their accompanying workloads, or anything about my Hopkins experience. Quite the opposite, in fact; this semester in particular has been everything I wanted it to be.

Especially over the past two weeks, as the course workload increases slightly as the courses begin their wind to a close, I’ve had a friend or two talk about how they’re exhausted. Frankly, this probably has more to do with them staying up until 4 am watching Netflix documentaries, but I’m not one to cast judgment.

However, this talk has made me realize one important thing about myself: I Live for the Exhaustion.

Sure, I wouldn’t exactly say I’m having fun when I’m translating Latin sentences at 11 pm on a Tuesday, but that feeling of exhaustion at 1 am that night when I finally close my eyes to sleep is utter tranquility. To know, in those last fleeting moments of conciousness, that I gave it my all that day, makes every ounce of effort worthwhile.

This isn’t to say that everyone at Hopkins is exhausted; these are just symptoms of a potential triple major (yes, Classics’s siren song has reached my ears, and is begging me to add the story of Aeneas to those of Newton and Gauss to my studies) who, as the title of this entry suggests, quite enjoys exhaustion.

In these last weeks where effort can make all the difference on those midterms and finals, I’m looking forward to the long days spent studying—for great accomplishments are only worth the effort put into them.

All that said, sitting on the couch for a few days in two weeks’ time doesn’t sound so bad either.