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Hello World!

Today, it has come to my attention that I don’t know what I would like to major in anymore. Philosophy? Writing Seminars? Neuroscience? Public Health? Well, what about minors? Africana Studies? Psychology? History?

… I really don’t know…

One of my best recommendations as an incoming freshman to Johns Hopkins is to make a four year schedule. I KNOW! I KNOW! This is coming from the girl who has no idea what she wants to major in. But, I made a schedule in the beginning of the year for a double major in Philosophy and Public Health whilst on the Pre-med track. And, I am so glad I did that. I have a very good template for my future years. Right now, the only thing I am sure of is being a pre-med. I have inserted my  pre-med courses in my four year schedule. Now, I get to fill in the blanks. I LOVE filling blanks.

Here’s my schedule in the beginning: for  a double major in Philosophy and Public Health
(Freshman year).

Freshman Semester Schedule

Let me start by saying this was NOT my final semester courses. I never took the Prostitution Seminar (Why did I have it in both semesters? I have no idea). I took Bioethics 1st semester and HATED IT. And, I dropped Philosophy of Mind as I it was TOO hard for my freshman brain to comprehend. End be all, I realized I was not cut out for the Philosophy major. Now, I am dabbling in Public Health and Writing Seminars.

This is precisely the reason why I love Hopkins open core curriculum. I can take whatever and figure out what major I truly like.


Yes, I did redo my four year schedule. Let’s see how it turns out.


Sending good vibes,