The last week of classes is upon us, and everyone is feeling it. The end of Spring Fair marks the final days that we spend together as freshmen, and pretty soon, we’ll have year one under our belts. In two and a half weeks, classes will be over, finals will be over, and we’ll all be headed our separate ways for the summer. Some will stay in Baltimore for classes, research, or work, and others will seek the same opportunities closer to home. Some will be headed to exotic locations for study abroad and others will head to the same places for vacation. As for me, I’m not quite sure what the summer holds.


The infamous fried Oreos


Unlimited soda + Jasmine










I do know that I’ll be spending ten days in Israel just a few weeks after classes end, but past that, things are pretty open ended. I might be coming back to Baltimore for a month somewhere in between Israel and the fall semester to continue working on the med campus, and I might return to the real estate internship that I held last summer. I may take a trip to Florida, but nothing is guaranteed right now. Things are still pretty up in the air, and I only have a few weeks to figure it out, but for some reason I’m not worried.


Selfie on the 6th floor of the Wilmer Eye Institute


For now, I’m just wrapping up my final projects and homework assignments, but I can’t help but think about how much has happened this year.


Shriver Hall during Intersession


I remember when I got to this school, I was enrolled as a double degree student. I went through orientation and the first month of classes trying to figure out exactly what it was that I wanted.


George Peabody Library at the Peabody Institute


I remember struggling to tell myself that I wasn’t a quitter and I remember all of the support my double degree friends gave me. As the weather cooled down and things started becoming more routine, I started really feeling like I belonged here. By fall break, I had made up my mind to leave the program and pursue my dreams on a slightly different path.


Last 8AM commute for a physics exam


I remember sitting outside of Mudd Hall and calling my mom with the decision. It was a huge weight off my shoulders, and a relief that I could admit to myself what I truly wanted.


Very close to the location where I made my decision


I remember celebrating Halloween with all of my Homewood friends at Peabody, and loving that everyone got along, whether they were studying French horn or mechanical engineering.


Halloween at Peabody


I remember leaving for Thanksgiving and finally getting to see both of my sisters for the first time in what felt like eternities, but I also remember being ecstatic to see my friends when I got back.


Brunch with my sisters


I remember my last voice lesson the day after my last final, and excitedly packing my bags to go home for a few weeks, but I also remember willing winter break to pass faster so I could see my friends again.


Reunited and all making the exact same face


I remember having my friends from home visit during Intersession, and I remember taking weekend trips to see them too.


Two of my best friends at the University of Delaware


I remember the stress of trying to make new friends after moving in to my new dorm on Homewood campus, and I remember the amazing friends that continued to be amazing from first semester, and the new friends that I found during the second.


The hall, no explanation required.


I remember the month of February, where every weekend seemed to be an adventure, and I remember March, where the semester really seemed to take off.


When someone added this to the bulletin board . . .


I remember getting my wisdom teeth out over spring break, and I remember sitting in Brody the day I came back, grateful to return to Baltimore on a sunny day.


Spring Break with Gloriana when the wisdom tooth swelling finally went down


I remember, even more recently, getting terribly sunburnt on an unseasonably hot day during the homecoming lacrosse game.




I remember eating all of the Spring Fair food, finding a hidden gem in a pile of records being sold on Keyser Quad, and I remember laying on the Beach listening to music all weekend.


A beautiful day to end Spring Fair


Right now, I remember all of these things, but if there’s one thing I’ll remember as this year gets further and further away, it’ll be the ups and downs. Sometimes you have to go through a difficult time to get to a good one. Behind a bad grade, there’s more motivation. Behind confusion, there’s clarity. Behind heartbreak, there’s love. Behind a stumble, there’s a chance to pick yourself up. This year has been almost every adjective I can think of. As it draws to a close, not only am I shocked about how fast it’s gone, but I’m shocked by how much I’ve changed. I’m not the same person I was when I got here. I’ve learned what it means to seize an opportunity, but I’ve also learned that it’s okay to say your plate is full for the time being.

Over the next three years, I’m looking forward to new adventures, new friends, and new stories to tell, but even with finals right around the corner, I’m going to savor my last few weeks, because as eager as I am to go home, I know I’ll be eager to come back to this home too.