After visiting my high school for the first time since I graduated, catching up with my friends back at home, and hibernating for two and a half weeks, I’m back at Hopkins for round two of Intersession. Now that I’m well rested and on campus, I’m ready to go and start next semester, but not before having a little bit of fun first. This year, I’ve opted to take one class called Vaccines: Past, Present, and Future. It only meets twice a week from 6:30PM to 9:30PM, and it leaves all of my days free. This year, I’m lucky enough to be taking a class with my roommate, Jenn, and my friends from my a cappella group (and SAAB), JHU_Jonathan, and Ramya. In addition to my class, I’m trying to take on a greater role in my lab on Hopkins’s medical campus and spend more time with my friends before the semester gets hectic again.

Often when I’m asked what advice I would give to freshmen preparing to come to Hopkins in the fall, the first thing I say is “Do Intersession!”. It provides a much needed change of scenery about half way through the five week winter break, you get to see your friends, and if you’re me, you get to have your own room again (so really, there’s really nothing better). I’ve only been back for a few days, so I have yet to experience most of my adventures in the weeks to come, but from my experience last year and the beginning of this year, there are a few things about Intersession that make it special and worth coming back for.

You get to take classes with your friends that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to take during the semester.

When else can a Political Science major take a class with a Neuroscience major? Trust me, the crossover is minimal during the regular academic year.


Thanks for taking a class with me, buddy.

There are no lines in the FFC.

I may possibly be the biggest FFC enthusiast on this campus, but there is nothing better than being able to find a table that fits you and all of your friends and not have to wait on line for food. It’s an unlimited buffet without the lines — there are no cons to this setup.


The FFC also has a geotag. Thank you.

Empty campus means empty gym, empty Brody café, and actual seats in Mudd if you’re looking for a quite place to read.

There’s nothing better than snapchatting on the elliptical or ordering a dirty chai in peace. Plus reading for pleasure is a rare commodity during the semester.

The weekend becomes a time for trips to Washington D.C., dinner in Hampden and the Inner Harbor, and endless movie marathons.

My friend Rachel and I have already watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, my sister has visited from school in D.C., and I’m going up to Rochester next weekend to record an album with my a cappella group because there’s no homework to hold me back!


Bae goes back to school.

Intersession is a time for exploration, but it’s also a time for chilling. Intersession is designed to be fun and informative but it combines the best parts of college and break; it’s a great time to spend on campus with friends without the workload, so there’s really no reason not to come back. Unless you’re somewhere warm — in that case, I guess it’s still a good decision.


I wish it was still 50 degrees.