I did not joyfully come back to Hopkins for intersession. I rolled out of bed and somehow managed to survive the train ride to Homewood. Despite my constantly running nose and incessant cough, I made it back to my dorm room in one piece. The whole train ride I was pretty miserable. Sick with mono, I thought I had made the wrong decision in coming back. Intersession is optional! I wouldn’t be falling behind in credits, nor would I miss out on the family time I sorely needed if I stayed at home. I’m pretty sure my Dad thought he was going to have to drive down and bring me home the next day.   But as I was struggling to unpack, my friend Julia burst through the door and gave me a giant hug. We then ran into our friend Anne’s room and jumped on her bed, waking her up from her nap.  Reunited with the two people I missed the most over break made me so incredibly happy, and all at once I realized why I had decided to come back.

Intersession is a time to relax, rest, and explore. I’m extremely grateful to Johns Hopkins for providing such an amazing (and free!) three weeks for students. Here are some of the cool things I’ve done this intersession.

  1. Miss Shirley’s:  I’ve wanted to get breakfast here since I first heard about it months ago. We finally got around to it the first weekend of intersession. Starting off the meal with delicious chocolate monkey bread was a perfect choice.  I then had cinnamon French toast with cream cheese icing. It was perfect. We spent the rest of the day walking around the Inner Harbor and enjoying a warm (but rainy) day.To die for
  2. Golden Globes Party:  My friend Julia is a bit obsessed with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, so she hosted a Golden Globes party. We went to Eddie’s to get manchego, brie, pears, and water crackers. To Julia’s disappointment, we couldn’t find any mini hotdogs to serve as hors d’oeuvres.  It was so relaxing to be able to watch the entirety of the Golden Globes on a Sunday night and not have to worry about any assignments or tests!
  3. Movies: After watching the Golden Globes and realizing that we hadn’t seen any of the nominated movies, we decided to spend our free afternoons watching them! I went to the Rotunda for the first time to see American Hustle and it was amazing. The week after that we wanted to see the Wolf of Wall Street, but the Rotunda was no longer playing it. Instead, we took a very short taxi ride to the Senator Theater. Old-fashioned and decorated in an art deco theme, the Senator was probably the coolest movie theater I’ve ever been to. The Senator Theater!
  4. RA Sushi:  Stressed with finals and writing assignments in December, my friends and I never celebrated Christmas together like we had planned. Instead, we decided to give each other gifts and go out to dinner during intersession. I am a huge sushi fan, and RA does not disappoint.  After my third trip, we have decided that the “Tootsi Maki” roll might be the best sushi roll ever.
  5. Foreign Gene Expression Lab: This intersession I decided to take a 2-credit lab with JHU_Dan. This was my first biology lab I’ve taken at Hopkins and I absolutely loved it.  Even though our recombinant colonies didn’t end up growing, Dan and I had a great time learning how to micropipette like champs. We love science
  6. Paper Moon:  Last night I went to the famed local diner for the first time. Nothing could have prepared me for the crazy decorations or how good my chocolate milkshake would taste. Add fried ravioli and a pesto burger with caramelized onions and prosciutto and I was happy.Paper Moon!
  7. Fitness Classes: In the fall I did not purchase a class pass, so I was very excited to try out all the free group classes the Rec center offered during intersession. I loved the spinning classes and the yoga classes! My friends and I went almost every day and I’m feeling healthier than I have in a while. I’m looking forward to continuing this schedule during the spring semester.

It’s a Sunday night, the last night of intersession.   I’m back in Brody printing out class schedules and PowerPoints; it feels so nice to go back to that familiar routine.  These past three weeks have gone by so fast, yet I am so happy with all that I’ve been able to do. I’m caught up on sleep, all my favorite T.V. shows, and ready to take on the spring semester.  Hopkins in the Snow