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What my morning looks like

What my morning looks like

Suddenly, I hear the blaring noise of my alarm. I check the time and see that it’s 7:30 AM. For the first time in a long time, I’ve actually woken up to my first phone alarm. As I quickly turn off my other five alarms and slide out of bed, the butterflies in my stomach start fluttering. I’m really here. It’s happening. In 1.5 hours I will be sitting in my first class at Johns Hopkins (IMPORTANT: there was no need for me to wake up 1.5 hours prior to class).

Now, it’s been an amazing 4 weeks. I’m only a wee freshman and there’s so much more to come, but the excitement of getting to spend every day doing what I want to do in a place where I feel such a strong sense of belonging, is spectacular. In just 4 weeks I’ve remembered how much fun it is to learn something new—whether it’s in class, it’s with friends, or it’s based off a silly mistake that I’ve made myself.

My suitemate Anna and her wonderful art

My suitemate Anna and her wonderful art

I’ve realized that having classes with students from different grades is one of the coolest experiences I’ve had, because there’s so much to learn from what everyone has accomplished.  I’ve learned that doing homework in a group is an extremely productive way to get work done (most of the time) and make sure that everyone in the group has a solid understanding of the topic.  Studying in a group has also taught me that Pictionary is probably the best way to take a study break.

I’ve learned how to effectively move my legs at a high rate without actually jogging, to get from class to class.  I learned that saying I’m not a coffee person is a lie, because Brody Café’s ‘Dirty Chai’ is the best drink I’ve ever consumed (okay it’s not real coffee but still, it’s more caffeine than I’m used to).

mid-jump. My roommates think it's hilarious.

mid-jump. My roommates think it’s hilarious.

I’ve come to appreciate the availability of food at late hours at the FFC, because nothing can improve your mood more than a second dinner. I’ve almost perfected my nightly routine of catapulting myself onto my half-lofted bed without landing too awkwardly on my arm or head.  Finally, I’ve learned that becoming close with my roommates was the best thing I’ve done, because nothing beats having a little family to talk and laugh with, into the late hours of the night.

These couple of weeks have been an adjusting period, but one that has gone incredibly well. Sometimes it still feels surreal to be called a college student and walk around our beautiful campus, but I can honestly say that settling in as a Hopkins student has been one of the best experiences of my life.