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Sometimes, when you work so hard to achieve something, after you finally attain it, the achievement doesn’t feel that big or great anymore. It simply becomes a part of your regular life.

That’s kind of how sophomore year started for me. I have been joking with my friends that “we’ve done it all already,” which obviously isn’t true, but after having been at Homewood for a full year already, being a Hopkins student no longer is the grand title that it once was when we were first handed our acceptances. If you had told me two years ago that one day I would be living in Charles Commons, attending class in Gilman or Bloomberg or Hodson, and giving campus tours as a Hopkins undergrad, I probably would have screamed and cried with excitement (for a really long time).

And being here honestly really has been that exciting, only it also became a part of my daily routine and lifestyle.

When classes get hard and midterm season comes rolling in, it can be a bit hard to step back, relax, and think, I am proud of myself for what I have already achieved and I can’t believe that I get to be a Hopkins student.

Instead, it’s easy to just feel the full effects of stress and complain here and there.

But, lately, I’ve come to realize that, while it is a pretty difficult expectation for myself to always be super bubbly and happy about everything just because I go to Hopkins, what instead is rather achievable is to really relish the little things in our daily lives as Hopkins students that really keeps us all going.

So here’s a tribute to the little things about my life at Hopkins that I cherish:

Having Iggy’s pizza five minutes drive away from us. It’s literally the best pizza ever and you’ll probably find a different group of Hopkins students celebrating a birthday there every weekend.

Having my fave girlies, Caroline, Courtney, and Nita, in my life. <3

Alpha Phi’s Red Dress Gala in October.

The random bake sales and one dollar pizza sales that just pop up all over campus. This pic is of my bestie Nita Nair on the Hopkins Breezeway about to devour her delicous cupcake (after she swore to me she wasn’t going to eat more sweets that day).


Getting to live in a single in Charles Commons as a sophomore. I’m on the tenth floor and the view is beautiful.

Finding a friend like Nita who appreciates succulents and pumpkins as much as I do and having this giant window to place all of our plants in front of.

Our proximity to the Baltimore Harbor. It’s just a ten-minute drive away.

I had been craving sushi burritos for some time now and this whole past year I thought the closest sushi burrito place to Hopkins was Buredo in D.C. Then I found out they have sushi burritos at R House, which is only a ten minute walk from campus, and my life changed thereafter.

I hope that when you visit Hopkins, you will also find your own little things about Hopkins that you love.