CAUTION: This is my attempt at describing an entire Hopkins week in a single blog post. I am not responsible for any injuries.

Saturday, November 15

I was so close – less than a week away from home-cooked Vietnamese food. But I had an unshakeable craving for a big bowl of pho and Mekong Delta Cafe got 4 stars on Yelp and is only one JHMI stop away. So this happened.

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Diego, my HOP big, and I ventured into Mt. Vernon and stopped in for some pho dac biet (aka “special” pho – the king of all phos) and I went for a swim alongside some rice noodles in a delicious beef broth (yes it was that good). I even got a second meal – my favorite Vietnamese dish, com thit nuong, for lunch the next day.

Sunday, November 16

Equipped with my to-go box of Vietnamese food, I spent the majority of Sunday designing a Hopkins Christmas Sweater for Hopkins Creative Design that helped us with our business’s Facebook launch. It took a while, so I was super happy that we got a lot of love for it!

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 1.52.54 PM

Just doin’ my thing. (So. Many. Layers.)

Monday, November 17

Happy freshmen class registration day.

6:50am – I woke up.

6:51am – I opened up a world clock on my laptop.

6:54am – I logged onto ISIS on my phone and turned off the Wi-Fi. (Perhaps I would have a better chance at getting all my classes if I wasn’t on school Wi-Fi?)

6:58am – I hovered my thumb over the “Register” button and waited.

7:00:02am – I hit register.

7:00:10am – ISIS froze. Oh my God.

7:00:45am – I got all my classes. Yay.

7:01am – I went back to sleep.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 1.56.38 PM

I’m definitely excited for Spring semester (maybe not Wednesdays, but definitely Thursdays), especially for “Race and Ethnicity in American Society” and “Self-Organizing Patterns in Nature”. Three cheers for no core curriculum!

Tuesday, November 18

The HOP had free coffee, tea, and hot chocolate tasting at Levering Lounge! Plus we had Carma’s cookies! Well, for about 20 minutes, until they all ran out. Here’s a picture of Jamie wearing a winter hat.

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Sorry Jamie.

Wednesday, November 19

This was the only picture on my phone I had for Wednesday. I snapchatted this to my friend. We were talking about graph theory in discrete math lecture!

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Fun fact: the author of the textbook we use in discrete math is Ed Scheinerman – a professor here in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics and the Vice Dean of Education for Whiting School of Engineering. He’s made some significant contributions to math – he even has his own conjecture! Scheinerman’s conjecture, “now a theorem, states that every planar graph is the intersection graph of a set of line segments in the plane”. Cool, right?

Thursday, November 20

Our first Friendsgiving! We had rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, cheesy bread, green beans amandine, sparkling apple cider, sorbet, and Georgetown Cupcakes! Here are pictures for a vicarious experience.

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Friday, November 21

Our last day of classes before break! I somehow managed to pack all of my stuff in between classes and leave campus by 3:45. Next stop – Delaware!


That sad moment when you walk into your friend’s dorm and they already left to go home. I was a Good Samaritan and locked their door for them.

Saturday, November 22

Chipotle is good, but nothing will ever beat my favorite place to get burritos – El Diablo, back in the good ol’ Wilmington, DE. What a great way to start break!


A burrito bowl featuring pineapple salsa and chipotle ranch sauce. I missed you, old friend.

Now that I finished writing, I am actually quite amazed at all that I managed to fit into one short week. What did you do this week?