I had heard rumors about it. A blooming campus, students outside on the quads all day, tanning/eating dinner on the beach, the lucky kids whose professor held class outside, the picturesque sunsets over Gilman, Homecoming, and of course, Spring Fair. Springtime at Hopkins is said to be legendary and I honestly didn’t believe it. The long, cold Baltimore winter had me convinced that the warm and sunny days of April and May were a thing of the past, but this weekend that all changed. This weekend was Homecoming and spring at Hopkins lived up to its name.

The weekend festivities for me kicked off at noon on Saturday. The FFC was closed for the afternoon and instead there was a huge barbeque on the freshman quad. The food was yummy, but the best part was definitely the free spirit gear being given out at the tables. So my friends and I happily ate while cheering on one of my best friends, Anna, at her tennis match (our team killed it, GO HOP!). At about 1:30 we headed over to Homewood Field for the highly anticipated lacrosse game against the University of Maryland Terps. I was really excited to be a part of the tradition of cheering on our lacrosse team, and I was even more excited to see the huge crowd piling into the stands. Everyone was out, dressed in Hopkins gear, and ready to cheer our team to victory. Among the fans were our beloved President Daniels (affectionately called Ronnie D), Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and even John Harbaugh (Go Ravens!) and Bill Belichick (hm I’m conflicted because I’m NOT a Patriots fan…jk thanks for supporting JHU)!

foto 1

                     Our boys makin’ us proud

Hopkins Lacrosse had an amazing game and the Bluejays beat the Terps 11-6. After the game, the majority of campus headed over to the beach to hang out, eat some more, and celebrate our victory and the beautiful weather. My friends and I stayed until dark, when we finally decided it was a little too chilly to stay outside.

foto 3


So conclusion? This weekend was hands down one of the best I’ve had at Hopkins. The sense of community was unbelievable. Students, both young and old (it was alumni weekend as well, adding to the festivities) came together to enjoy our school whether it was through chants at the game (some led by JHU_Noah and JHU_Grace!) or a huge meal on the quad. It was unforgettable and I can’t wait for more to come. Next up—Spring Fair!

foto 2

I’ll leave you with this shot of President Daniels high-giving a student after a goal. Sorry President Daniels for the (only slightly) creepy picture!