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If you were awake for some reason at the ungodly time of 6:55 AM on November 18th, you probably heard the groaning and moaning of every single freshman student on campus. Actually, scratch that. The groaning and moaning started on Sunday night at approximately 10 PM. There was also the continuous “Why is this happening?” “Why are they doing this to us?” and “We’re not going to have covered grades this time!!?!” All of this complaining for what, you ask? For registration, of course!

My alarms motivate me
(also yeah my phone is in Spanish…I can’t help it, I’m a Spanish nerd!)

The weeks leading up to the 18th were a frenzy of class hunting and schedule planning. Appointments were being made with academic advisors, intense discussions could be overheard in Brody over which professors and classes were cooler (super helpful discussions to eavesdrop in, especially if they’re upper classmen. Sorry if that’s a bit creepy), and a bit too much time was spent on ISIS instead of doing homework (let me just mention here that it’s hard to pick classes when there are so many cool options… but seriously though).  While this searching was happening, there was the faint knowledge that we would have to click the register button at 7 AM, but it was one of those pieces of knowledge that you shove into the back of your brain so you don’t have to think about it.

Okay, so I’m being a bit dramatic about the whole waking up at 7 AM thing. Sunday night consisted of hallway parties in which we did homework/made last minute additions or subtractions from our hopeful schedules for next semester, and discussed methods to optimize our Wifi signals. I finally retired to bed at 1 AM, half shaking my head at those who declared that they would just pull an all-nighter instead of facing their alarms at 6:45, and half terrified that I wouldn’t wake up on time and that I wouldn’t get to register or take my 9AM chemistry midterm.

Let’s talk about how dangerously close the “delete from cart” button is to the “register” button. I think it adds to the early morning adrenaline rush

Of course, those were just fears and not realities, thank goodness. I woke up to my first alarm (6:30 be proud) and pulled out my laptop. As 7 AM approached an encouraging rendition of “The Final Countdown” could be heard from the hallway.  Suddenly it was 6:59. My suitemate started counting down, and I did one final sweep of my registration cart and made sure my mouse was hovering over the register button. At exactly 7, I hit the button and waited an agonizing minute before happily seeing that I had successfully registered in all of my classes! Yippee! (In case you were wondering, I also made it to my chemistry midterm and even snuck in a power nap in between the registration adrenaline and exam taking!)

My classes for next semester include: Introductory Chemistry II and Lab II, Cognitive Neuroscience, Advanced Spanish II, and Calculus II for Biological Sciences. My schedule is a little different than this semester—I’ll be taking fewer credits and not as many writing intensive courses, which I think will be a nice change.  Overall, registration was a fun experience. It might have been a struggle (okay, okay, I’ll stop complaining) to wake up but the search and the end result were worth it. Plus, to share the experience with every other freshman, made the process much more entertaining.  Registration also means that this semester is wrapping up, and that’s very strange to think about. Time is passing quickly and I’m both scared and excited to start next semester!

next semester!