It’s only been a week and a half since I was reunited with the lovely Homewood campus, and I’m already so overwhelmed with potential blog post topics that I can barely focus on this word document (and the episode of Dance Moms playing in the background). There’s just too much to write about! A new semester means a slew of new experiences, and I love that this feels like I’m getting another fresh start. But I’m also really appreciating the things that have stayed the same, because, really, where would I be without late night FFC waffles?

With so much going on, it’s been hard for me to decide on the one thing I’d like to share about my start to “spring” (Winter Storm Maximus, I’m looking at you) semester. So, in the name of Internet over-sharing, I’m just going to tell you everything.


There was a carnival my first night back (I guess everyone was just super excited to see me) in the Glass Pav, which was a brilliant way to welcome the student body home. There were a ton of games, and all carnival food groups were well-represented (read: I ate enough popcorn and cotton candy to feed the entire freshman class), along with a delightfully sassy balloon artist who made me the most intricate piece of inflatable artistry I’ve ever seen. Although he suffers from a woefully deflated antenna, Jeff the ladybug is still currently brightening up my dorm room. But the best part of the evening by far was the collection of supremely awesome (and surprisingly exotic) animals that were casually hanging out with students. Mindy the Monkey definitely stole the show, but I’ll throw in this picture of me trying to look brave while holding a snake that’s longer than my body. Enjoy.


That weekend was also made remarkable by the fact that I managed to sit my friends down and force them to experience the wonder that is Frozen. They deserve special recognition for acknowledging that I’m an eight-year-old girl and being okay with it. Thanks for not throwing textbooks at me whenever I spontaneously belt out “Let It Go”, you guys. It means a lot.

Fast-forward through a week of more impromptu movie nights and a whole new set of classes, all of which seriously rock. I’ll get to those later on in the semester, but I can assure you that I’m still kicking it with the Humanities. And I think my Introduction to Moral Philosophy professor might actually know the meaning of life.

This past Friday I saw Proof, the Barnstormers’ Intersession show, with my fellow theatre-lovers, and it was wonderful to be reminded of exactly how much talent is here at Hopkins. The play, though rated M for Mathematical Content, was fast-paced and emotional, leaving me super excited for the rest of the Barnstormer season. (cough THE SPRING MUSICAL IS COMING cough)

We're just REALLY into theatre, okay?

We’re just REALLY into theatre, okay?

 Still, one of the most exciting things that has happened in the short time I’ve been back is currently in mid-swing. I’m halfway through Sorority Recruitment Week, and although I’m the teensiest bit exhausted and my feet are begging for a month of bed rest, it’s been completely worth it to get to know the girls who make up Hopkins’ sororities. With both Icewater Round and Theme Round already completed, only Preference Round and a very stressful Friday stand in the way of Invitation Night and all of us finally knowing our Panhellenic fate. Aaaaaaaand cue panic attack.

Theme Round fanciness!

Theme Round fanciness!

So, there you have it. A slightly overwhelming catalog of all the things that have made my foray into spring semester equal parts immensely busy and intensely happy. Consider yourself officially updated.