For all you incoming BMEs out there, I’m sure you know a lot about what Hopkins BME has to offer, but here’s one thing you might not know about: design team. At the most fundamental level, you work with a team of other BMEs, primarily upperclassmen, to design a medical device. I don’t mean you just come up with something and present it to your classmates at the end of the semester. With design team, you work for legitimate grants and business competitions to get your team’s idea made into a reality. Freshmen only get this opportunity in the second semester of the year, and are placed onto teams that have already been working since first semester, or potentially even before.

So, how do you get onto one? Bribes are a good start. I mean, nail the interview(s). Basically, towards the end of your first semester the whole process starts, and all of a sudden, virtually every BME freshman is interviewing for a design team. Over the course of those 2 weeks, you’ll be asked which team you’re interviewing for about as much as people are asking you where you’re going to college right now. The point is, the interviews are all about interest, not experience. Upperclassmen know that most freshman hardly have any experience in terms of design, which is why this opportunity exists. That being said, it never hurts to bring something (anything) to the table. Personally, I highlighted my public speaking ability. It doesn’t have to be something extraordinary, just set you apart. Fast forward through a bunch of interviews and then it’s up to the teams to decide if you got the part. Regardless of whether you do or not, it’s still a great experience, and I highly recommend it for any incoming BMEs. It’s a chance to do real BME work your first year, and it gives you a chance to see if you want to design or if you’d prefer research. You’ll learn more about it when you come to campus, but if you’re curious, I’ll leave the link to the design department at the bottom of this blog.