To support safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-campus events are canceled until further notice.

I am UNREASONABLY EXCITED for next semester. I just registered for classes and omg do I have an amazing schedule coming up. There’s a number of amazing things going on: my Fridays end at 11am, leaving me the whole day to chill, go to the gym(?), go back to sleep, or go to the libs and do a bit of work before the weekend. I have no classes earlier than 10am, which means I don’t feel suuuuper guilty about staying up till 2 to watch another episode of Outlander (or study I guess). And beyond arbitrary scheduling wins, look at the classes themselves!!!

Caroline's Spring 2018 class schedule


“The Making of Black Lives Matter.” “The Prince and the Demagogue: From Machiavelli to House of Cards.” “The Economic Experience of BRIC Countries.” Omg. Omg omg. Talk about relevant. Talk about interesting. Talk about absolutely what I want to study for the rest of my life.

i make money moves gif

me in these econ classes!!

At the same time though, I keep remembering that this is the last semester I’ll have at Homewood. I’ll be going off to SAIS’s Bologna Campus next fall to begin the fourth year of my 5-year BA/MA program. In this program, I’ll graduate with my current class in 2019 for my Bachelor’s, and graduate with my Master’s in 2020 from the SAIS. Even though I’ll still walk with my friends in 2019, I’ll be across the world finishing up my senior thesis and starting Master’s work.

So what am I? According to Hopkins, I am still a junior. I don’t get to participate in senior week this year, or fool around in my “senior spring.” At the same time, my sorority calls me a senior, since I’m leaving next year and won’t be on campus to participate in our events, and sometimes for strangers it’s easier to say I’m a senior and that I’m going to grad school next year (that latter part of which is true!). I’ll also have to pick up all my graduation cords from my clubs this year since I’ll obviously be gone next year!!

les miserables GIF

Who am IIIIIIIIII? Two-four-six-oh-oooooooone!!!!

It can be confusing sometimes, and tough to remember that I’ll be leaving my friends and roommates next year, while most of my junior friends get a whole other year on campus. This year will be my last Spring Fair. My last Intersession. My last sorority recruitment. My last semester of campus events, date parties, and spending time with the wonderful people I’ve met here.

dance party GIF by Disney Pixar

Gotta party it up during my last semester at Homewood!! 😉 😉 😉

In the end, though, it means that I’ll take the last semester I have here and make it the best I can. I’ll make sure to spend more time with my roommates and friends, and go to as many events as I can. I have to soak up my last semester on campus as best I can right? And, honestly, these AMAZING classes I’ve got next semester are the best way to start doing that.