10152534_752604681440022_397660447_nName: Lina Oh

Year: 2020

Major: Public Health Studies

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Growing up with both parents in the medical industry, healthcare was something that was always readily available, but only recently, I started to learn that this isn’t a privilege that everyone gets to share. Although I can’t point to a specific job or a career yet, I want to work to promote healthcare in places around the world where medical care is difficult to receive.

What’s your biggest struggle right now?

My biggest struggle right now is waking up for my 9 AM Chemistry Lab every Thursday morning.

What’s something you discovered lately?

One thing I discovered is that not all pre-med students have to become doctors. Earlier this week, I attended a panel called, “Alternative Careers in Health Sciences”, where I got to hear from 5 different Hopkins alumnus who were pre-med during college but, instead of becoming doctors, are now working as healthcare consultants, illustrators for pharmaceutical companies, health economics researchers, etc. It was interesting to see how far the sphere of medicine can reach.

What’s a piece of advice that you would give to an incoming student?

Don’t stay in your dorm or in the library for too long! Spending every night in Brody probably won’t be the only memory you want to carry with you as you leave college. Talk to people, attend school events, sign-up for different activities, etc. Who knows who you’ll meet and what you’ll learn to like?


What do you do when you’re not studying?

Most of my downtime is spent talking with my friends. My friends and I are from different cultures and backgrounds, all with different interests and majors (International Studies, Economics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Public Health), so we all always have something interesting to contribute to our conversations.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I’m pretty sure I went through the entire series twice.


What’s your favorite memory since you’ve been at Hopkins?

My favorite Hopkins memory by far is my birthday! A couple of my friends found out that I was feeling a little bit homesick, so they took me to an H-Mart in Ellicott City and bought 40 dollars’ worth of Korean snacks for me. Then, when we came back to campus, we ordered Chinese take-out and watched a movie together in the common lounge. Although the day consisted mostly of grocery shopping, I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday celebration.