Hello readers of my blog! (Mom and Dad)

I’m here, yes it’s me, I’m alive. First thing’s first, I’m sure the past few months without hearing anything from the Lion’s Den (definitely got to change that blog title) have been tragic. Honestly not sure how you guys have survived. Let me explain… This Spring my friend from home tragically passed away, it’s something that hit me quite hard, and I definitely didn’t feel like I was in the place to blog about my life/experiences here when  all I could think about was missing my friend. Now, back to start off my junior year, I feel like I’m in a much better place, and would love to keep you all updated on my life here at Hopkins. Before I go into all that however, I’ll tell you today all about the incredible summer I had.

As a philosophy major with designs for graduate school, I have less pressure during summers to find one specific internship or take any particular classes than someone interested in pre-med or finance (read: people who will have actual jobs). With that freedom, I decided to explore some of my non-philosophical passions, namely theater. After applying for various internships (and mostly with the help of my girlfriend… Thanks Vic), I found an incredible opportunity as the artistic intern/summer dramaturg at Puppet Showplace Theater, a well-known puppet theater in Brookline, MA. I’d done some work with puppets in high school, and was excited to take a step back into the world of theatre. You can check out more of what I did here

But to put it briefly, working at Puppet Showplace was an incredible experience. My colleagues were brilliant, absolutely brilliant, but also so caring and kind. I felt like part of a family. The work I was doing was challenging, but it kept me on my toes, I learned a lot about the nature of working in the arts, about the running of a theater and mostly about good arts programming.

Me and all my friends...

Me and all my friends…

My summer wasn’t all work though, I went on a family vacation to Iceland and Sweden, both of which were incredible. Sweden’s history and the beautiful architecture all over Stockholm made every day a treat. And the natural beauty of Iceland is incomparable; snow-mobiling to the edge of a glacier, hiking inside a volcano… There aren’t words to describe how small you feel when you compare yourself to these enormous, ancient structures. It’s a beauty without equal.



She took me to some cool places for my birthday :)

She took me to some cool places for my birthday 🙂

Most importantly, my incredible girlfriend was in Boston as well and we took advantage of the amazing city. We explored a number of astonishing museums, traveled down to the Cape for a weekend, and made Harvard Square our own. There’s nothing like exploring a new city with someone you care deeply about, and getting to feel comfortable in a foreign environment.
That’s all for now!