Since coming to college, I’ve fallen in love.

That’s right, folks. I, JHU_Emily, have found my college sweetheart, and his name is Tamber’s.

I guess you could say that it was love at first sight and our relationship bloomed mostly out of convenience. When I drove down to Baltimore way back in August, my eye was not caught by my future home of Wolman Hall but rather the glittering red signage of my future lover across the street. From that moment, like a scene out of a movie, I knew I had found something special.

Love at first sight.

Like a friend and significant other should be, Tamber’s is accepting of all of my personality traits, both the good and the bad. Tamber’s understands that I am a rather indecisive individual, especially when it comes to what I want to eat. It knows that sometimes I’ll be in the mood for traditional American diner food, like chicken fingers or a veggie burger, but that other times, I’ll want to feel adventurous and go for Indian food.

Of course, it’ll offer me a plethora of options, all the while knowing that I’m a creature of habit and will probably just end up ordering my usual chana masala and naan.

Yeah, we're FB official

Yeah, we’re FB official

Tamber’s is also a very motivational and encouraging presence in my life, pushing me to do more and be my best. When I come back from runs in the beautiful Guilford neighborhood, the smell of Tamber’s in the final paces back to my dorm is enough to keep me going. It’s like the smell of curry and French fries is whispering to me, “You can do it, JHU_Emily. Just keep it up for a few more steps. I believe in you.”

Tamber’s isn’t clingy and knows that I’m a busy lady. I don’t always have time to sit down for a leisurely meal and appreciate the vintage diner atmosphere and comfortable seating. Being the understanding and considerate individual that it is, Tamber’s takeout window allows me to just do me and still maintain my relationship.

Finally, Tamber’s puts up with all of my friends and even invites them over. Like the welcoming presence that it is, Tamber’s has willingly hosted room 407 suitemate dinners, lunches with parents, and has even extended the invitation for brunch until 4pm. Now I know that most significant others usually do not enjoy their in-laws or boyfriends’/girlfriends’ friends, but Tamber’s has always welcomed my people with open arms, open tables, and the offer to cook. I told you; Tamber’s is a special one.

My 2 favorite things: suite 407 and Tamber's.

My 2 favorite things: suite 407 and Tamber’s.

So if you need me, I’ll be picking out our wedding color schemes and bridesmaids dresses. Right now, I’m leaning toward curry brown and red. Though once my decision is finalized, expect your save-the-date card in the mail.

Our engagement photo

Our engagement photo