cropped-picName: Lynn Wang

Year: 2019

Major: Economics

Hometown: Queens, NY

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I thought I had it all figured out going into college, but then I realized how many different things I was interested in. I would love to be a management consultant, but a little part of me also wants to go to law school and find a career in business law. I guess the simple answer is that I’m still figuring things out.


What’s the coolest place you’ve ever been?

A few summers ago I went to Alaska, and maybe it’s just because I love the cold, but I absolutely loved everything about it. The scenery was absolutely stunning. Also, it was really nice being able to step outside in August into what felt like fall weather.


What’s a piece of advice that you would give to an incoming student?

Don’t be afraid to reach out! Ask people you’ve just met to dinner or coffee, or start up conversations with random people in the library. It’s a great way to meet new people.

What’s your favorite thing about this school?

Without a doubt, the people. Prior to transferring, I was really worried that the transition into a new college would be dreadful. However, there was never really any reason to worry. The students of Hopkins are so friendly and welcoming that I always forgot that I am a transfer student. My classmates, suitemates, and friends in various organizations have all made me feel at home here at Hopkins.


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Late night Easy Mac. Which is especially problematic because I don’t actually own any, I just steal them from my suitemate.

Why did you come to Hopkins?

Perhaps my story is a little different from most because I came to Hopkins as a transfer student my sophomore year. I came from Babson College, a school that offered only one major – business. I really enjoyed my year there, but I wanted to attend a more traditional four-year institution and I found that Hopkins was an amazing fit for me. I really appreciate that Hopkins doesn’t have a core to restrict the kinds of things we want to learn and I feel that the diverse student body present at Hopkins really reflects that.

What’s your favorite memory since you’ve been at Hopkins?

One of my favorite memories at Hopkins is attending my first Mock Trial tournament. The tournament itself was just as much stressful as it was rewarding, but what made the trip was the people I was with. I don’t think I’ve ever met a group of people who could make me laugh as uncontrollably as they had. I’m so thankful I joined and met all of the lovely people on my team!