There are only two more weeks of school until Reading Period- the week after classes end where students study for finals. It’s hard to believe that almost a whole semester of college has gone by already!

This weekend was my last Ultimate Frisbee tournament of the year. I played Ultimate one season in high school and really enjoyed it, so I decided to join the “Blue-Footed Boobies”- the women’s team on campus. I’ve met some great girls, made some unforgettable memories, and have learned so much more about the game.


A Blue-Footed Booby PC: My frisbee co-captain Tiffany Chung on her Ecuador Intersession Study Abroad 2015 trip.


(Part) of the team.

In order to celebrate the end of the season, the guys and girls teams had a Frisbee Thanksgiving Potluck dinner and some of my teammates and I decided to make lasagna. It’s not really Thanksgiving-y, but hey, it’s food, right?


Blue Jay Shuttle

To get ingredients we hopped onto the Blue Jay Shuttle, one of the many modes of transportation available to Hopkins students. The Blue Jay Shuttle service operates on a fixed-route schedule from 5:50-11:00pm. It picks you up at the side entrance of the Brody Learning Commons and drops you off at designated stops- it’s a great way to get around safely at night!


Shuttle Routes and Times

We took the Green Shuttle to the Giant on Greenmount Ave. and 33rd St. in order to get ingredients. Also,  I don’t know if other college freshmen already have grocery store memberships, but this girl is now a Giant Food Card Member!!! Add that to my list of feeling more like an *adult*. After we were done, we waited outside the store for the Blue Jay Shuttle to take us back to Homewood. Now, it was time to cook!


Our shopping cart + other college “necessities” (aka paper towels, Andes chocolates, and Oreos)


Waiting for the Shuttle PC: Darleen’s Snapstory hahaha


When your cousin comes to the rescue with the lasagna recipe (we would always make lasagna on our snowboarding trips back home)

We went to the AMR II Common Kitchen and checked out pots, pans and utensils from the Office of Residential Life. Needless to say, cooking in college is always an adventure. We were later joined by some other girls who were making apple pies and croissants (mmmmmm).


Cooking with the team

20151113_182339 (1)

We used gloves because the noodles were hot and we didn’t have tongs 🙁 #hopkinsengineering?



The end product was a success and we headed over to Salon C in Charles Commons (sophomore housing) to celebrate with the rest of the team. Overall it was a great night, full of adventure, new experiences, friends, and fun.