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Name: Jake S.

Hometown: Laurel, MD

Anticipated Major(s): Molecular and Cellular Biology, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

How did you discover Hopkins and why did you decide to apply Early Decision? The first time I heard of Johns Hopkins was when I was just five years old and sitting in the back of my family’s SUV. As we drove past the Homewood campus, I pointed out the gleaming buildings and asked my parents what they were. My dad answered, “That’s Johns Hopkins! If you’re lucky and work hard enough, maybe one day you can go to college there.” Ever since then, I’ve been utterly infatuated with the prestigious Hopkins community, and when college applications rolled around, I knew without a doubt in my mind that I had to apply Early Decision there.

Is there a quote or motto that inspires you? What is it and what does it mean to you? “You can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather” -Outkast. It’s a lesson that I’ve learned many times over in life: no matter how prepared I think I am, I still need to remember that there’s no way to fully anticipate the future. That being said, I also benefit greatly from having backup plans in store.

Complete this sentence: “I would not be here on this journey to Hopkins if it weren’t for _______________.” my best friends, Rebecca and Edward, who constantly motivate me to never give up, pursue my dreams, and occasionally kick back and relax with some memes.