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Name: Abhinav M.

Hometown: East Windsor, NJ

Anticipated Major(s): Public Health

How did you discover Hopkins and why did you decide to apply ED? I discovered Hopkins through my sister, who is graduating this year. I decided to apply ED since it was a school that I am comfortable with and have visited many times. On top of that, I am looking forward to exploring my academic interests with the great education that is provided!

Is there a quote or motto that inspires you? What is it and what does it mean to you? A quote that inspires me is “how can the sky be the limit when there are footprints on the moon?”. When thinking about it, the quote inspires me to not be satisfied with what I have, and to always try and go one step beyond in anything I do. It also shows me that it is possible to overcome any challenge I put my mind to.

What are you most excited to do in Baltimore? I am a big sports fan so I am excited to explore the Ravens and Orioles stadiums!

How has your family background or life experiences shaped you? My family background and life experiences have shaped me to always think about things in the perspectives of other people. Going to religious classes and taking trips to India have shown me that people are in different situations, and to always be considerate to others.

What’s your best piece of college search advice for high school students? My best piece of college search advice for high school students is to attend info-sessions at their schools. College representatives did a great job of speaking about their schools.

What are you most excited for about college and/or coming to Hopkins? I’m most excited to meet new, like-minded individuals when attending Hopkins! I am also looking forward to experiencing the diversity on campus, with students coming from all over the country and world. I hope to create long lasting relationships and work on projects with those around me.

Complete this sentence: “I would not be here on this journey to Hopkins if it weren’t for _____________ (person/place/thing/experience/etc.).” I would not be here on this journey to Hopkins if it weren’t for my parents and sister. They have always provided me with the guidance and motivation that I needed to stay on the right track!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (dream big!) In ten years, I see myself studying to pursue my dream job of being a sports doctor or surgeon!