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Name: Iris A.

Hometown: Donna, TX

Anticipated Major(s): Molecular & Cellular Biology

Anticipated Minor(s): Mathematics

How did you discover Hopkins and why did you decide to apply? Johns Hopkins University has always been my dream school even since I was little. I decided to apply because I wanted to make that dream a reality.

Who is the most influential person in your life and why? My mother. She is the strongest person that I know. She always has my best interest and will always push me to be the best that I can be. Without her I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

What are you most excited to do in Baltimore? I am excited to explore, meet new people, as well as experience seasons because where I’m from in Texas it’s mostly hot year-round. I’ve also never lived in the city, so it will be interesting to see how I get a custom to city life.

What do you hope to get involved in on campus? I hope to get involved in the JUMP program as well as the Taekwondo organization.

What’s your best piece of college search advice for high school students? Don’t stress. Everyone has a path that they’re supposed to be on, and it’s really easy to get distracted and overwhelmed with the college process.

What book, album/song, or TV show has had a profound influence on your life? I read a lot. A LOT. A few books that have influenced my life would be The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, A Court of Mist and Fury by Sara J Mass, and King of Scars duology by Leigh Bardugo. As for music I would have to say the Nothing Happens album by Wallows. The first time I heard it I instantly fell in love with them.

What are you most excited for about college and/or coming to Hopkins? I am extremely excited to meet everyone. It’s going to be fun working alongside people who have similar goals as I do.