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Name: Peixi G.

Hometown: Monrovia, CA

Anticipated Major(s): Public Health

How did you discover Hopkins and why did you decide to apply ED? I came across a video made by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health on YouTube in sophomore year and was amazed by the societal impact of its research projects. I believe Hopkins is the best place to explore my career path and surround myself with people who hope to bring good to the world.

Who is the most influential person in your life and why? My mom is the most influential person in my life. Although growing up in the city, I always spend the whole Sunday with her cycling around the lake, climbing mountains, or having a picnic on the hillside. She encourages me to listen to the sounds of nature, discover the changes of the seasons, and be grateful for the beautiful scenery given by nature. Because of her, I can always find beauty around me and appreciate my everyday life.

What book, album/song, or TV show has had a profound influence on your life? I would say The Great Blue Yonder by Alex Shearer that I read in elementary school had a profound influence on my life. The author discusses the topic of life and death from a child’s perspective in this book. The novel represents a more optimistic view for looking at things that are not necessarily the most positive and I hope to have a calm and compassionate perspective like the main character in the book. It also motivates me to cherish my life and express my love and care to people who I care about.

What are you most excited for about college and/or coming to Hopkins? I am most excited about the study abroad opportunities, which will allow me to study healthcare and health policy while exploring the world and different cultures. I hope to engage with local communities and use the knowledge that I learned in class to help people solve real-life problems.

Complete this sentence: “I would not be here on this journey to Hopkins if it weren’t for _____________ (person/place/thing/experience/etc.).” My father. Because I am the first child to apply to American Universities in my family, I am not confident and feel anxious during the college application process. He always supports my decision and tells me that I can do it, which gives me the strength to encounter difficulties and continues to do what I love.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (dream big!) Though I am still trying to figure out my future path, I believe in 10 years, I will do work that is meaningful to myself and to society, most likely related to health.