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Name: Steven G.

Hometown: Harrison, NJ

Anticipated Major(s): Biology

How did you discover Hopkins and why did you decide to apply ED? I discovered Hopkins when I was a freshman in high school. I saw that Hopkins is one of the best schools in the country and I was very interested. Furthermore, I did research on their science program and was in love. I decided to apply to ED because I knew that Hopkins was the school of my dreams.

What’s your best piece of college search advice for high school students? Really know the school and to get to know what your school has to offer. I would also recommend to visit your school and see how life is on campus, if possible.

What are you most excited for about college and/or coming to Hopkins? I am most excited to meet new people from all over the world.

If you could get ice cream with one person (real or imaginary; dead or alive), who would it be and what kind of ice cream would you get? If I could get ice cream with one person it would most likely be President Joe Biden. First of all, President Biden loves to eat ice cream and I do too! His favorite kind is chocolate chip and I would get rum raisin.

Complete this sentence: “I would not be here on this journey to Hopkins if it weren’t for _____________ (person/place/thing/experience/etc.).” I would not be here on this journey to Hopkins if it weren’t for my school counselor and coach, Briana Thomson. She has influenced me tremendously and has inspired me to achieve great things. Coach Thomson is the type of person that you can reach out to whenever you need her and she is willing to help you with anything. There were many times when I felt disappointed because I had not reached my goals in cross country and she was there for me to give me advice. Her words inspire me and always remind me to never give up.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (dream big!) I see myself having my own dermatological office. I want to continue my studies after college at a medical school and seek residency in dermatology.