Hometown: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Anticipated majors and minors: Major: Biomedical Engineering | Minor: Computer Science

How did you discover Hopkins? Why did you decide to apply Early Decision? Johns Hopkins has been my dream school pretty much since day one, and I became even more certain about my choice after joining the CTY program in my sophomore year. I was deeply attracted by the incredible research opportunities at Hopkins, and I could see myself contributing to campus life by becoming a member of the Class of 2026.

If you could teach one class at Hopkins, what would it be? (already exists or invented by you!) Mathematics in Music: When Logic and Creativity Intersect

Is there a quote or motto that inspires you? What is it and what does it mean to you? A quote that inspires me is “I’m going to live every minute of it” from the last line of Soul, a 2020 Disney film. To me it is important because it reminds me of how the best part of life comes not just from chasing my dreams, but also from cherishing the ever so simple moments that make me feel alive. I live by this quote because there are so many opportunities to take ownership over my experiences – so much to learn, to laugh, and to love instead of being overly fixated on ambitions. At Hopkins, I want to devour every taste of Baltimore, and, as they say, “live every minute of it.”

What do you hope to get involved in on campus? A group I would like to get involved in on campus is Hopkins Symphony Orchestra. Playing the violin means a lot to me because it helps me slow down amidst academic stress. I especially enjoy the positivity and sense of community fostered in an orchestra when everyone is working towards a collective goal with the same passion for classical music. In the past, I’ve committed to five string/symphony orchestras and performed around thirty stages, so I am really looking forward to continuing my musical career at Hopkins!

How has your family background or life experiences shaped you? Having lived in Taiwan but attended an international school for the majority of my life, I speak a mix of three languages: English at school, Mandarin with my parents, and Taiwanese with my grandparents. Growing up in this environment has allowed me to communicate with people from different backgrounds and foster understanding between those with contrasting ideologies.

What’s your best piece of college search advice for high school students? Academic opportunities aren’t the only determinants you should consider during your college search journey. Be sure to also do research on weather, nearby restaurants, student groups, or anything you deem important to find the ideal place for your next four years!

What book, album/song, or TV show has had a profound influence on your life? Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. I remember being left in deep thought upon finishing the book in English class, and it changed the way I thought about scientific progress as well as human life in general. Definitely a recommended read!

What fictional character do you most relate to or most closely represents you as a person? Bernard the polar bear. I am a wide-eyed, curious, and optimistic person who likes to travel, explore, and take interest in anything that is within reach. And like Bernard, I can be incredibly clumsy and awkward (especially when I don’t get enough sleep). People who know me probably see me tripping over air or bumping into glass every now and then. Don’t worry about it though! I am slowly getting used to it.

What are you most excited for about coming to Hopkins? New perspectives, shared passions, heart-to-hearts, and lots of laughter. Can’t wait to meet y’all soon!