Major: International Studies and Public Health

Hometown: Denver, CO

How did you react when you found out you were admitted to Hopkins? I was on my way home from practice and checked the decision on my phone. Once I found out I got in I did a little leap, made sure no one saw, and called my parents.

What are five things every student in the Class of 2020 must bring with them? 1. Rain jacket/umbrella/rain boots 2. Snacks for the dorm 3. Medicine 4. Extra headphones 5. A smile and open mind—get excited!!

What did you wish you knew before arriving on campus? I wish I had known how much it rains in Baltimore. I also wish I knew how many dining dollars I would spend throughout the semester. CharMar, which is a lot closer to McCoy and Wolman than the FFC, only takes dining dollars.

Favorite campus tradition? Lighting of the Quads

The one thing all Hopkins freshmen should do in Baltimore? Explore all the different neighborhoods and restaurants around Baltimore!

Number one piece of advice for incoming freshmen? It’s totally fine to not have an exact idea of what you study yet, a lot of students don’t. I would say to sign up for as many clubs as you can and then decide which ones really interest you and go from there. Do what you enjoy and take advantage of covered grades! Also, while college is a great time to meet new people and form great friendships, it’s okay to take some time to yourself.

What do you do when you’re not studying? Take naps (lots of them), go on runs down Charles St., catch up on TV shows on Netflix, hang out with friends, explore Baltimore

Why did you come to Hopkins? There are are so many reasons behind my decision to come to Hopkins—among them are: the great academic programs and opportunities, world-renowned professors, the research opportunities, and the school’s relationship with the Baltimore community.

What’s been your favorite memory so far? My favorite memory since I’ve been at Hopkins was when my friends and I went the Inner Harbor the first week of school. We had dinner on Phillip’s Crab Deck, had dessert at Vaccaro’s Italian Pastry Shop, saw the city skyline from the top of Federal Hill, and finished the night with beach volleyball. A close second would be shelf-hopping on D-Level.

What’s been your favorite academic experience so far? My favorite academic experience thus far has been when I attended an engaging presentation and discussion on the Conflict in Syria with Dr. Joseph Bahout of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. It was a great experience to learn about such a prevalent global issue and hear the predictions of a lead researcher in the field.

What is the coolest under-the-radar spot on campus? My favorite place to relax and study on campus is the patio outside of Ames Hall.

What were you most excited about when you were an incoming freshman? Getting to meet new people and be an independent *adult*

What emoji best describes your college applications mood? ? (I’m so glad this is over!)