Caroline_croppedMajor: International Studies and Italian minor

Hometown: Western Springs, IL

How did you react when you found out you were admitted to Hopkins? Okay funny story – I was at another college’s admitted student’s day when I found out. I literally had just bought one of those v comfy $50 spirit tees for that college (it’s okay because it’s my dad’s alma mater and I still wear it during football season). So I had to be very calm and chill because I didn’t want it to be weird. But then I got back to my hotel room and jumped on the bed and called my family.

Five things every student in the Class of 2020 must bring with them? 1. a fan – especially if you live in the AMR’s 2. A body pillow (one of those that look like the back of a chair) – v useful for working against a wall 3. something that reminds you of your hometown (I have a painted block with my home zip code on it) 4. A stool or something to stand on – I am short and I can’t get on to my half-lofted bed without this decorative cube I use to climb up 5. Rain boots – when it rains here, it’s wet and miserable in bad shoes

What did you wish you knew before arriving on campus? Pack better. More efficient packing would have saved me a lot of yelling from my parents, and it would have been easier to set up my dorm.

The one thing all Hopkins freshmen should do in Baltimore? Literally anything in the Federal Hill neighborhood. Watch the sunset, see a movie in the “Flicks on the Hill” series, just walk around and look down at the Harbor.

Number one piece of advice for incoming freshmen? Do a pre-Orientation program. Doesn’t matter which one, just do one. 90% of my really close friends are from my pre-O. It’s an amazing way to meet people that aren’t necessarily in your major or dorm.

What do you do when you’re not studying? Watch movies with my squad. Wolman has a TV area on every floor!

Why did you come to Hopkins? Hopkins was pretty much my first choice since I visited, and I knew it had academically everything that I could ask for. What really solidified Hopkins for me was when I visited at SOHOP (spring overnight) and I met faculty. They really took the time to talk to me about my interests and what I wanted to learn hear. One professor that I met the first day remembered me and spoke with me the second day, and made sure I knew about all of the classes in her department. The professors really care about the students, and I see that every day in class.

What’s been your favorite memory so far? Two of my friends have birthdays within a week of each other, so my whole friend group dressed up and went to one of the nicer restaurants in the Inner Harbor. We took tones of pictures and got Insomnia Cookies after. Simply the six of us being together was wonderful.

What’s been your favorite academic experience so far? I am in a class about the history of museums, and we have gotten to take a few field trips to take our learning into the field (another thing about Baltimore – it’s actually an amazing museum city: historic houses, art museums, the Maryland Science center). We went to the Evergreen House and got a tour and we all had to independently visit the Baltimore Museum of Art (which is literally right next to campus) and talk about what we were learning in practice. This class was essentially an excuse to get off campus more, and I hope I will take more classes in the Program in Museums & Society.

What is the coolest under-the-radar spot on campus? the study room in the basement of AMR II (TELL NO ONE. V QUIET. V STUDIOUS.)

What emoji best describes your college applications mood? ? (I would get nauseous whenever I thought about decisions)