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10513339_742949282428190_5736534735691501927_nMajor: Spanish and Neuroscience

Hometown: Ballwin, MO

How did you react when you found out you were admitted to Hopkins? Funny story, actually! The Hopkins Decisions were released on a website that I had previously created a username and password for. When it was time to check my decision I logged in and was met with a screen that said “Yes!”… and I was confused as to whether that meant I logged in correctly or if I got in, so I just sat for about 30 seconds staring at the screen before my Dad came up behind me and started shouting excitedly. After a couple more seconds of staring, I finally processed it and of course was overjoyed! I think I actually starting looking at flights for SOHOP that same night!

What are five things every student in the Class of 2020 must bring with them? 1. Your favorite book 2. Your biggest, comfiest sweatshirt 3. A planner 4. Scotch Tape 5. A list of fun facts about yourself for ice breakers

Favorite campus tradition? I LOVE lighting of the quads. Maybe I’m biased because of my obsession with the Holidays, but there’s nothing quite like seeing Gilman quad light up while munching on donuts and sipping some hot cider.

The one thing all Hopkins freshmen should do in Baltimore? Get lost. Maybe you miss a bus or get off at the wrong stop–on purpose or on accident. Maybe you rented a Zipcar and took the wrong exit. There’s a lot happening in Baltimore. It’s important to pop the campus bubble and learn about your surroundings so you can become more acclimated and involved as a resident of Charm City. But don’t forget to take a friend with you just in case your cell phone battery dies and you need Google Maps.

Number one piece of advice for incoming freshmen? Stay open-minded. You never know who you’re going to meet or what you’ll end up doing when you get to campus. Follow your interests, but don’t be limited by them. Take chances and step outside your comfort zone, and you might find yourself interested in something you’d never thought about before.

What is the coolest under-the-radar spot on campus? The President’s Garden. It’s usually a really big deal during Spring Fair, but the garden is one of my favorite spots in the fall. It’s a perfect spot to hang out or maybe even finish that reading for class. When it’s warm outside you can probably find me there at lunchtime.

What were you most excited about when you were an incoming freshman? Meeting everyone. I knew my peers were going to be passionate, unique, talented individuals, and I couldn’t wait to see what crazy, amazing things everyone would accomplish.

What emoji best describes your college applications mood? Perspiring emoji…especially as I wrote some of those supplements last minute.