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11905774_707534972711651_4037383813539834752_nName: Katie Dominguez

Graduation Year: 2020

Major(s): International Studies, Economics

Minor(s): Mathematics

Hometown: Palm Beach Springs, FL

Your reaction when you found out you were admitted to Hopkins?

I was completely overjoyed when I found out that I was admitted to Hopkins. It is my dream come true and I also believed that I was dreaming in that moment, so I yelled out in joy and excitement, and disbelief when I opened the email and the first word I read was “congratulations!”

Five things every student in the Class of 2020 must bring with them?

Your favorite pair of sweatpants. I did not bring mine at the beginning of the year as a way of purging my closet of “unfashionable” items but immediately regretted it upon arrival. Sweatpants are just so nice to slip into at the end of a long day of classes, wrapped up in a blanket, and sipping on something warm. I definitely made sure to pack them after thanksgiving break!

What do you wish you knew before arriving on campus?

Campus is really hilly and pretty cold for a Floridian. I wish I was more mentally prepared. There has been a bit of a learning curve but I think that I have somewhat gotten the hang of things.

Favorite campus tradition?

Lighting of the quads is an amazing tradition that gets the whole class to come together for one big, unifying celebration of holiday cheer. It’s something that allows all of us to de-stress right before finals.

One thing no Hopkins student should ever leave freshman year without doing in Baltimore?

No Hopkins student should leave freshmen year without taking a trip the American Visionary Arts Museum in Federal Hill. It truly is a unique and special place that will definitely open your mind to what the realm of art can contain as well as new works, by relatively unknown and upcoming artists.

What do you do in your free time?

When I’m not studying, I’m either trying to find new opportunities for the next semester or the summer, making time to hang out with friends, volunteering with art brigades, or zenning out with my favorite music.

Why did you come to Hopkins?

Hopkins is a place of unparalleled opportunity. At Hopkins, you can be whatever you want to be; there are so many opportunities for research, to work with professors, learn, create, and connect with the community of Baltimore. Your future lies in your hands at Hopkins.