It’s that time of year again. The warm summer breeze and clear skies have given way to crisp mornings and rainy days. Students are no longer out on the Beach and open group-study rooms in Brody are harder to come by. Which can only mean one thing: midterm season is upon us.

midterms 2

Because you can’t talk about midterms without a meme ft. Ned Stark showing up somewhere.

Midterms at Hopkins vary from class to class; however, most are the typical multiple-choice/short answer tests covering the first few weeks of material. So far, I have had to study for two exams: Applied Chemical Equilibrium & Reactivity and General Biology. Some of my friends, however, have already taken four this past week. This, of course, is dependent on your major and the classes you are taking. As an International Studies (IS) major, I don’t need to take any other midterms with the exception of Contemporary International Politics in late October.

So if I’m an IS major, why am I taking both chemistry and biology when it’s not required? The short answer is: because I can! They are both subjects I thoroughly enjoy (especially chemistry) and they count towards my distribution requirements. I am also on the pre-med track so a solid foundation in the natural sciences is highly recommended. I haven’t met that many IS/pre-med students, but I know for a fact that it has been done before. Whether I want to stay on this track or not is still to be determined, but that’s one of the advantages of going to a school like Hopkins. Students have the freedom to take classes in any subject they are interested in regardless of their intended major.

Midterms have also shed light on another aspect of Hopkins students. Although freshmen have covered grades first semester, the majority of us are studying diligently for our midterms. I think it’s fair to say that the students who go here are self-motivated and want to master the material and succeed. To be in such an environment is really inspiring and if this sounds at all familiar, Hopkins is the place for you.