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In an odd turn of events, this last week before finals has been, in a word, lovely.


how I thought I'd be feeling

how I thought I’d be feeling

I know, I know. Call me crazy, but the past few days were filled with the perfect amount of indulgence, happy endings, and memorable moments that comprised an ideal prelude to the bane of the college student’s existence: finals season. I finished up all of my classes for the semester, all of which ended with an interesting reflection on everything I’ve learned for the past four months. In three out of my five classes, the profs brought us cookies — this immensely enhanced the experience .

As I munched on everything from homemade chocolate chip to macadamia nut, I ran through just a few of the new concepts my brain has managed to absorb this past semester: how to write an essay in the academic paradigm, how to properly engage in dialogue and argue with various scholarly works, how to analyze films on slavery in the context of commodifying history, and how to properly write in ballad stanza — Emily Dickinson style, but perhaps with a few less punctuation marks.

To accompany the course wrap-ups, the “Hopkins social circuit” did not disappoint with its pampering. On Wednesday, we had the annual Lighting of the Quad, in which President RJD stands atop the stairs of Gilman, cracks some jokes, and, at the end of a countdown, presses some doohickey that somehow turns every single Christmas light on all over the upper quad. Fireworks blast from behind Gilman and the library, and every Hopkins student’s head is turned to the sky, as at least some of their pre-finals stress dissipates with each new blast.


terrible quality, but do you still feel the feels?

Next moment wasn’t so much a Hopkins-thrown luxury as it was a “#blessed that Hopkins has such a great location” luxury. A few friends and I went to Papermoon Diner, a colorful, zany little restaurant with killer comfort food and an aesthetic that’s virtually impossible to categorize. It was the perfect way to indulge in some “~~girl time~~” and good eats before finals bizarro-ness set in, and the atmosphere made it all the better.

part-time models, or full-time Hopkins students???

part-time models, or full-time Hopkins students???

cackling w/ Subs the Sloth <3

cackling w/ Subs the Sloth <3

This week, the sketch comedy group I’m in, Throat Culture, had its final show for the semester (*tears*). We rehearsed our butts off all week and all of Saturday, and on Saturday night, we put up a show I’ll never forget. Sketches about (among other miscellany) animals doing slam poetry (I FINALLY WROTE IT), odd aristocratic families, Shark Week fans in speedos, and basketball coaches who give terrible motivational speeches kept the audience cackling the night away. I was so proud and grateful to perform with such a wonderful group of people!!!!

This is a thing that happened during our show. Laughter ensued.

This is a thing that happened during our show. Laughter ensued.

Finally, to top it all off, Hopkins gave us a glorious Sterling Brunch, the swankiest of brunches in all the land. Live jazz music + shrimp/crab/smoked salmon + various breakfast delicacies = the epitome of “Treat yo’self.” As I gorged myself with a smoked-cheddar and vegetable omelette, I sent a massive thank-you to the universe for providing me with the most glorious pre-finals week that I never saw coming. I’ll leave you with this image of the highlight of my Sterling Brunch: