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In the same way my preference for genres switches just like that, so does the pace and environment of the semesters at Hopkins. Along those lines, I decided to come up with a list of genres to appropriately describe your emotions as various events throughout the semester unfold.

R&B (aka. Coming Back from Break)

It’s the beginning of the semester, everyone is both happy to be back at it and not at all ready to experience another semester of possible heartbreak. It’s a very bittersweet time, and you have no idea in which way the next experience will make your emotions sway. The highs and lows are ubiquitous, managing to provide a reassuring feeling of being back where you belong.


Rap (aka. Sitting Through Lectures)

It’s the type of experience that will either be gripping and insightful or tiring and repetitive, without a middle ground. While there are few professors, err, artists, that everyone agrees are amazing, you won’t be hard pressed to find yourself in an argument about the good and bad qualities of everyone you’ve had the luxury of listening to.


Pop (Top 40) (aka. Finally Getting out of Lecture, Finally Finishing an Exam, Getting an A, Making it to Friday in One Piece, Sleeping in on the Weekend…You get the point)

By all means, considering how prevalent it is, this really should get old, but for some inexplicable reason it doesn’t. Oh, and there’s always some new experience with which you’ll find yourself feeling this way. It’s the type of feeling that makes it easy to relate to someone in any setting. There are a few who have a distaste for it, but for the most part, it’s pretty, uh, popular.


Classical Music (aka. Studying for Midterms)

Everyone acknowledges its importance, and knows that without it, the modern music we enjoy overwhelming success we crave wouldn’t be a reality. Regardless, that doesn’t make us like it any more. It becomes tough to bear for prolonged periods of time without getting bored or distracted, unless you’re one of the few who really enjoy it, in which case, you’re going places.


Metal (aka. Heading to a Midterm)

It’s like coffee without the coffee. It’ll wake you up in a second. It makes it hard for you to focus, but it gets you pumped. You don’t know what to expect next, but you know that it’s definitely not going to slow down.


Emo (aka. Failing a Midterm)

It happens. As much as you don’t want it to, it does. What now? Let out all your emotions and be sad for a while until you resolve to do better next time and pick yourself back up.


EDM (aka. Weekends)

I don’t need to explain, right? Right.