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In high school, I somehow convinced myself that there was no such thing as homework at college. So, I spent much of my senior year, after having gotten into my dream school, Johns Hopkins University, dreaming of homeworkless days to come–only to come to find out that a college experience without homework is, in fact, far from the truth.

But, no, my days now as a Blue Jay are not filled with homework on top of homework, but homework is definitely a thing here. Especially because I am a Writing Seminars major, I constantly have writing assignments to complete on my own after class ends.

And here’s something that my sleep-deprived high school self would never ever believe: I actually love my homework.

You’ll understand why as you read the following list.


My Favorite Homework Assignments at Hopkins So Far

“Eavesdrop on three conversations this week and create a dialogue of 20 lines based on each conversation.”

“Write about placelessness–what it’s like to grow up or live between places; still work to use as many concrete details as possible. Make up a place that feels like home. See if you can create a ‘home’ that doesn’t exist in the world.”

“Write a deeply felt or spirited response to a love letter from The Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe.”

“On Monday, come to the kitchen in Charles Commons and make dumplings with all the students taking Chinese at our school to celebrate Chinese New Year.”

“Write down 5 questions. Make them as interesting and specific as possible. Choose one, and use it as the opening line of a story.”

“Attend two poetry readings this semester.”

“Is romantic love necessarily mad or eccentric? Discuss in an essay.”

“Prepare to lead a discussion on a story and share your personal thoughts about the story with the class.”


My Friends’ Favorite Homework Assignments

“Take a trip the Baltimore zoo.”

“Take a trip to the Baltimore aquarium.”

“Visit the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Peabody Library to look through old medical records.”

“Make a short animated film on anything you want.”

“Collect soil samples from around campus to test to see what bacteria is in it.”

“Create an app that tracks water intake.”

“Design an experiment to see what environments pillbugs prefer.”

“Make weekly video projects relating science and the media and interview people as needed.”

“Evaluate how medical imaging impacts people’s perceptions of themselves.”

“Break a social norm for social psychology and record people’s reactions.”

“Train a computer to model how neurons work.”

“Use Python to program the Battleship game.”


In short, my homework here does not suck. Homework has actually really enriched my experience at Hopkins and I have only our lovely faculty to thank for providing me with such intriguing assignments to complete.