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Throughout my first semester here at Hopkins, I have tried to find the best study environment that fits all of my needs. In high school, I always studied and completed homework in my bedroom. For the first few weeks here, I replicated that old habit and chose to study in my dorm room. However, I quickly realized that I spent more time cleaning my room and going on social media than actually studying, so I knew that I needed to find a study spot outside my dorm room.

I made a list of my needs for my new study location. I needed…

  • A quiet space with no talking. (I struggle to concentrate with constant noise.)
  • An area filled with people. (I’m more motivated working around others who are hard at work.)
  • A place with a vast amount of natural light.

After several weeks of searching, I finally found the perfect study spot.


This is a large, quiet reading room within the Brody Learning Commons (or Brody, for short). This space is extremely quiet, has several students and even professors hard at work, and has huge windows around the outside perimeter of the room, which allows natural light to flood in.

Brody itself is a common study location for students because it’s composed of numerous types of study environments. For instance, in addition to the quiet reading room, there is a spacious atrium, 16 group study rooms, multiple large study rooms, and the Daily Grind Cafe.

Built as a center for collaboration, Brody is a very distinctive part of the Hopkins experience. Many students will gather here to work through problem sets together, study for upcoming exams together in the group study rooms, or just hang out.

In conclusion, I’m very excited to have found my perfect study environment that allows me to maximize my productivity. I do intend, though, to keep my eyes and ears open for other great spots around campus.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you enjoyed my first post on Hopkins Insider!