Hi! My name is Kaylee and I am a Writing Seminars major and a Computer Science minor (although I’ve been considering turning this into a double major combination instead). I’m so excited to be writing my first blog post!

I spent the latter half of my junior year plus my entire senior year of high school dreaming about becoming a Hopkins student one day. I started my application essays two months or so in advance and stalked the Hopkins website all the time. I was obsessive, to say the least.

The reason I was so crazy about Hopkins was because I had an amazing first impression of the school. If I’m being totally honest, before I had visited Hopkins, it wasn’t really on my radar, because I’m from Maryland and I kind of wanted to get out of the state. But, my best friend wanted to visit and dragged me with her on a tour and literally the instant I stepped foot on Blue Jay territory, I was swoon.

The thing about first impressions, though, is that they don’t encapsulate everything, so, even despite my frequent stalking of Hopkins, when the end of August rolled around and it was time to move in, I still didn’t really know what to expect of officially becoming a Blue Jay.

But, it’s already been a month of school (midterms have started and everything) and finally being a Hopkins student is starting to feel like my actual life.

I definitely still have a ton more to discover, but here is a list of my first “officially being here” impressions.



I’m going to start this list off with an outhouse because this old, now unused, outhouse was the staple of my orientation at Hopkins. During orientation, everybody gets assigned a First Year Mentor group with 15 or so other freshmen and you basically spend most of your days with this group of people. This outhouse was our FYM group’s designated meeting spot because we were just cute like that.


Said FYM group in front of said outhouse. ♥


This picture is from our official coronation on the last of orientation. I’m on the very left of this picture. In the middle is my good friend, Sonal from Boston (Go Pats, even though I don’t even watch football), and on the right is my roommate Erika who is now my ride or die homie.


Now, of course I have to include food in this post! I’m the pickiest eater on this planet, but I love food from our Fresh Food Cafe. Here is a typical dinner at Hopkins from the FFC.


This is Maryland Hall and I decided to include this picture because I never thought that I would actually learn how to code one day, but in this building is where I coded my first Java program in my Java Lab class.


Here, we have me and some of my new besties at Hopkins at Hampdenfest a few weekends ago. Hampden is a cute little hipster neighborhood in Baltimore that is fifteen to twenty minutes walking distance from Homewood Campus. It’s where Hopkins kids love to go to get their hair cut.


This picture captures my definition of a perfect study session. I got my dirty chai and a Jamaican meat pie from the Brody Cafe and I’m ready to learn more about electronegativity for Chem, write poems for my Intro Fiction/Poetry Class, and write blog posts for Hopkins Interactive.


Gilman Hall is one of the coolest buildings ever and everything inside Gilman is just so Instagrammable (I mean, just look at this cool picture!). The Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum as well as the Learning Den is inside Gilman and this picture is taken from a cute little study space located right on top of the museum.


This is Mason Hall! If you’re going to go on a campus tour of Hopkins anytime soon (hopefully, I’ll be a tour guide by then!) you’ll most likely be starting your tour from this building. I love this building because this is where we have our Hopkins Interactive blogging meetings.


Hopkins is currently going through some renovations right now, and as a result, some makeshift staircases have been built, and I honestly am going to miss this staircase so much when they take it down, because I go to three different classes using this staircase.


Sometimes, I take the long way to class just to go through this tunnel because I like getting to see all the posters about clubs and upcoming events and also because the tunnel just has such cute vibes.


This is Levering Hall and my favorite aspect of this building is that this is where a lot of free stuff is given away! They were just giving away free Hoptoberfest shirts here a few days ago. And just last week there was a build your own Pokemon (like Build-a-Bear) event. My friends and I also got to enjoy free wings and chips here one day randomly.


Last but not least, we have Shriver Hall, where tons of shows are happening almost every weekend. Eric Andre gave his hilarious stand-up performance in this building a few weeks ago. The Hopkins A capella groups, improv group, dance teams, and many more perform here as well!

I can’t wait until I have accumulated more stories and pictures of my experience at Hopkins so that I can share them all with you. I’m still new at being a Blue Jay, but Hopkins already feels like home.