Okay I’ll admit it: Until last weekend, when I received an invite to the Quidditch Exhibition Matches, I hadn’t been to a sporting event on campus.  **Warning: this post is going to be nerdy***

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So fun fact: I have a slightly unhealthy love for Harry Potter. The series was an integral part of my childhood and when I learned that college campuses were beginning to have Quidditch teams, I was beyond excited. In fact, I was the high school student on college tours that asked about the Quidditch team, and judged silently when the tour guides said that they didn’t. The summer before school started I was convinced that I was going to be a part of JHU Quidditch—there were teams of different intensity levels and there were no tryouts necessary (thank goodness because my athletic abilities are questionable). Unfortunately, the team practices conflicted with a prior commitment and so I decided that I would settle for going to as many matches as possible. Needless to say, when I received the invite I was extremely excited. My friend Miguel is also on the team, and so my group of friends all agreed to go support him and enjoy the beautiful Baltimore weather that day (no seriously guys it was in the upper 50s and it was glorious outside). This exhibition included our own JHU Quidditch as well as the Salisbury Phoenixes Quidditch and the Shippensburg Warlocks

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Miguel posing in his uniform

I was slightly late to the Exhibition but as soon as I got there it was clear that everyone was having lots of fun. All of my friends were excited to be there to cheer on the team, and were also surprised at how intense/involved Quidditch is. The crowd wasn’t huge, but everyone was taking pictures and videos and genuinely having a good time. The players interacted with each other and with us spectators, even asking at one point if anyone wanted to volunteer to play in a scrimmage.  My friends and I decided that we were definitely going to come to more of their matches in the future.

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front of uniform

So first sports event? Success! I regretted not going to any events first semester so I can’t wait to go to more this Spring. On a related note, a HUGE congratulations to our Men’s and Women’s Track Teams who are the 2014 National Indoor Champions, and to the Women’s Tennis Team who are now back to back National Indoor Champions!


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Bonus: An adorable picture of my friend JB who was also at his first sporting event on campus