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Hello and welcome back to my blog, over the summer I have been up to a series of exciting things all of which have kept me extremely busy. Nonetheless, I wanted to continue the series I began at the end of my freshman fall semester and take some time to reflect upon my freshman spring. Below find a gallery documenting my experience, I hope you enjoy.

Gilman hall on a winter day.

My first day back on campus, enjoying a view of the always majestic Gilman Hall. To me, such a view of Gilman is a “welcome back”, a place I spend many hours learning I feel a strong emotional connection to the building.

My friends and I outside Gilman.

My friends Daniela, Nicole, and I headed to lunch during the first week of school. Clear skies and feeling refreshed from winter break, it was time to get back into my regular routine.

Freshman class council at the formal.

The night of the Freshman Formal, an event SGA and I helped put on that was truly memorable. Great Gatsby themed, it was quite the good time…old sport.

Carolyne and I in front of Gilman.

A photo of a camera displaying my having a cappuccino at ceremony. A shot of the Wood house door in the snow.

Some photos from when my good friend Carolyne visited me, we had an eventful weekend which you can read more about in my blog “The Perfect Weekend Visit” here.

Door to the Cognitive Science Department.

Headed to work at the Cognitive and Brain Sciences Lab where I worked as a researcher all semester on a project dealing with letter learning and acquisition. It was such a valuable experience that taught me a lot about the research world and many skills in organizing and processing large amounts of data. See my blog on what research at Hopkins is like here.

A Hopkins lacrosse game.

Catching an exciting men’s lacrosse game with some friends. Undoubtedly, lacrosse is the sport of the school and spring games are always exciting.

My favorite art piece at the BMA.A scenic study spot.

A special day where I spent the afternoon strolling the Baltimore Museum of Art, which is directly adjacent to campus, followed by a study session outside Hodson in this little known yet scenic study spot.

Ceiling at DC union station.Mary Kate and I at a softball game.Washington's portrait at the National Gallery.

A quick weekend visit to DC to see my friend Mary Kate. Whenever in town I try to stop by the National Gallery of Art, it has some of my favorite pieces. I am so fortunate to be able to travel with such ease due to the great transport systems here in Baltimore and the surrounding cities. See my blog on how to travel to DC like a pro here.

My friend William and I at the First Year Banquet.

My friend William and I at the First Year Banquet, a freshman only dinner with professors during February. Always looking for a reason to get dressed up, this was a fun event and a great opportunity to share dinner with professors, hear their stories, and share yours.

Former US Ambassador Samantha Power and I after an event.

Speaking with former US Ambassador to the United Nations Samanta Power following a speech as part of the Foreign Affairs Symposium. The ability to discuss with such influential figures such as Ambassador Power is a unique part of the Hopkins experience.

My friends Maria and Carolyne outside the met.

A very fun weekend visiting my friends Maria and Carolyne in New York, see my blog about traveling to the big apple here.

A view of the inner harbor.

Spending an afternoon at the waterfront of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. This downtown spot is always fun to visit and a quick, also free, bus ride from campus.

AMR I in all it's glory.A shot of AMR I in the sun.

Spring making its debut in blossoming trees at my dorm, AMR I. My first true experience of the seasons, the spring flowers were marvelous.

The view from my room, overlooking the Homewood House.

Enjoying a coffee, at my dorm, with a view of the Homewood House. I had plenty of serene morning moments like this as my earliest classes spring semester started at 10:00am.

Wood house friends during spring fair.The beach during Spring Fair.Fells Point waterfront.

Spring Fair weekend was iconic; full of friends, food, and fun it is my favorite weekend of the school year. Featured are my dear friends from Wood House, a shot of the beach during a concert, and Fells Point where we went out for exceptional ramen.

A cappuccino at Ceremony.

A cappuccino at my favorite coffee shop in Baltimore, Ceremony Coffee Roasters, down in Mt. Vernon. A quick ride on the JHMI takes me down to this neighborhood where our music school The Peabody Institute and its stunning library are located. Being a Hopkins student is not only about going to school but also exploring the city of Baltimore, a city that I love.

Spring blossoms.

Arguably my most idyllic moment at Hopkins was lounging in my hammock under these precious pink blossoms, enjoying soft music, the breeze, and a fascinating read. The best way to spend spring afternoons.

The Hutzler Reading room.

Studying at the Hutzler Reading Room in Gilman Hall during the last week of school, one of my favorite spots to get work done. Quiet, charming, and conveniently located the Hutzler Reading Room is the perfect study spot.

Me on move out day.

Me on move out day leaving my dorm in AMR I, it was always a fun time in Wood House and having a single was especially pleasurable.

Me and the capitol building on a rainy day. The capitol building rotunda.

Fleet Foxes concert in DC. Fleet Foxes concert in DC.

After moving out I spent the weekend with my father in DC before heading back to Orlando for the summer. With activities such as a private tour of the Capitol Building, strolling the mall, and seeing one of my favorite bands “The Fleet Foxes” in concert, I could not imagine a better way to end the school year.  Thank you to my readers for following me on this journey!