As defined here in this video, Intersession is a mini-mester between the fall and spring semester that offers a variety of interesting, low-stress classes that provide a wide array of opportunity for Hopkins students. Deciding whether or not to come back for intersession was truly a no-brainer for me. I knew that the main reason to come back for intersession was to enjoy the college experience without the stress of usual school work. After realizing this, I have decided to make a bucket list of things that I want to do during my first intersession!

1. Visit the Baltimore Museum of Art


Located a quick walk from Homewood campus, the Baltimore Museum of Art is home to an internationally renowned collection of 19th-century, modern, and contemporary art. First off, it is free, so why wouldn’t I go? Secondly, the art at the BMA is amazing and full of cultural and historical importance. But mostly, it is literally adjacent to campus, but yet I have not gone yet.

2. Visit Washington D.C.

Considering that D.C. is one of the most influential cities in the entire world, and it is located only about an hour from Homewood, I am utterly disappointed in myself for not having made more trips there. I plan to visit D.C. on MLK Day and take a trip to the MLK memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and hopefully other museums in the area! The best part is that you can get to D.C. using the MARC train for around $15 round trip.


A photo I took around 3 years ago at the MLK Memorial

3. Go to New York City


New York is a short three hour train ride away, and can be accessed pretty easily through bus. I have never been to the Big Apple, so my friends and I have decided to make a day trip to NYC and do all of the basic tourist things. We will go to times square, Broadway, Wall Street, and any other generic things that can possibly be done within one day.

4. Visit the National Aquarium

Located in the heart of the Inner Harbor, the National Aquarium features a living collection of more than 17,000 fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles and marine mammals living in award-winning habitats. Located a short, free ride using the JHMI and the Charm City Circulator away, the Inner Harbor is also full of other great attractions, such as the ice rink, multiple shopping stores, a truly beautiful view, and so much amazing food!

5. Play in the snow


The first snow at Hopkins before break

Do you want to build asnowman? Uh, duhhhhh. Lucky enough for me, it is supposed to snow in good ole’ B’More tomorrow! I plan on building my first real snowman, and having my first real snow ball fight, so y’all better take cover! Also lucky for me, I asked for snow boots from Santa and a pea coat, so I prepared for the tundra!

I am beyond excited for all that intersession has to offer and plan to take complete advantage of every amazing opportunity I will have over the next month! I plan to experience so many new things and make so many new memories, which means that there will be more, actual photos to come!