The AMR II courtyard looks lovely at this hour

The AMR II courtyard looks lovely at                          this hour

8:20 AM – Wake up time. I like to give myself a nice buffer before my 9:00 AM class. I don’t exactly know what takes me twenty-five minutes to get out of my room, but there I am every morning at 8:45, walking out of my door and marveling at the fact that I can see my breath in the air. I suppose that part of it must be the time it takes me to pick my outfit, as I inevitably go through four or five iterations before choosing the one I originally picked. This morning was no different.


8:50 AM – I tend to stop by one of the campus cafes for coffee and a snack a few times a week, usually on days when I can’t make it to Hillel (the center for Jewish life on campus) for morning services. Coffee consumption has turned into a bit of a habit of mine – I wouldn’t say that I’m addicted to caffeine, but a doctor might. Regardless of my addiction status, I don’t feel quite right in the morning unless I have my mug of coffee, and the fact that the cafes give me a dollar discount for using my own mug only enables me further.


The spill in question

9:00 AM – Saba al’Khayr! My first class every day is Arabic, which is always a lovely way to get the cognitive juices flowing. This morning, we cover vocabulary relating to the family – if you want to learn how to say uncle, cousin, grandmother, and grandfather, hit me up. I also spill my coffee all over my desk and chair, because Monday.


My calculus notes for the day

10:00 AM – On Mondays, I have calculus immediately following Arabic. Math has never been my thing per se, but I’m chugging along (mainly due to the help of my friend Olivia – thanks Olivia). Today in class we cover L’Hospitals rule, which, I learn, is not pronounced nearly as humorously as I had hoped.

The beautiful walk to Olin

The beautiful walk to Olin

11:00 AM – My last class of the day is Introduction to Global Environmental Change in Olin Hall, which definitely ranks as one of my favorite courses (and one of my favorite halls). My friends and I always occupy virtually the entire third row, and by this point, I’m pretty sure that the rest of the class is sick of “those freshmen” asking and answering so many questions. On another note, I get to use an iClicker during class, which is always fun.


An omelet.

12:00 PM – Lunchtime at the FFC. Lunch for me means an omelet prepared by the one and only Dovid, and whatever else strikes my fancy in the kosher section. For Monday lunch, I stick with my friends from Intro to Environmental Change, who inevitably try to convince me to become vegan (they’re usually drowned out by the taste of my omelet).

The Blue Jay Lounge

The glorious Blue Jay Lounge

1:30 PM – After pretending that I have nothing to do for an hour, I sit down and start my work. Today, that consists of a calculus problem set, Model UN research, Arabic homework, and this very blog (so meta). When you factor in watching YouTube videos and checking for the snacks that I don’t have, I spend around four hours hitting the books. That translates to half of a calculus problem set, a page or two of research, the idea for this blog, and a strong resolve to definitely start my Arabic homework soon.


5:30 PM – Time to hit the gym. I won’t be that guy who details his workout to anyone willing or unwilling to listen – you’re welcome.


7:30 – Quick stop by the FFC to pick up some dinner – chicken tenders, rice, and cooked zucchini. After holding back on a second cookie from Dovid, I’m on my way.

Eco-friendly notebook: perfect for SEA

Eco-friendly notebook: perfect for                                  SEA

8:00 PM – After a lightening fast shower (as a Los Angelino, the California drought has trained me well), I head to my Students for Environmental Action meeting. At the meeting, we split up into groups to tackle various projects that we’re working on. I’m part of the Zine (as in magazine) group, which is working on putting together a Zine (essentially a standalone journal) on the topic of intersectionality and the environment. Tonight, we reviewed the submissions that we had received, and brainstormed ideas for our own entries.


9:15 PM – And now we arrive at that point in the night where the pretenses of the day’s activities fade away and I’m left with the immovable reality that I really must buckle down and do some work. The lineup is the same as earlier – research, Arabic homework, blog, calc problem set. I make headway through my research, and feel satisfied enough with my progress to move on to Arabic homework. That’s where things turn south.

The Arabic homework is less of an assignment and more of an occupation. I have to listen to a rapid-fire string of sentences online and copy them down in Arabic on my paper; all things considered, this takes around an hour. During this process, I remembered why the Blue Jay Lounge is not the greatest place to do homework – I spent significantly more time hanging out with my friends that were also “doing homework” in the Lounge than I did actually working. By the time I had put a dent into my blog and decided to push of calc to the next day, the clock read 2:30 AM. It was a fairly early night.

3:00 AM – Off to bed!